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WickedHope Feb 2016
As I walk to meet you, the flashbacks set in...
          Of running to greet you out in the rain,
          Of two am phone calls that erased the pain...
          I remember whispering I love you.

With your strong hold, embrace me; keep me close.
          *I recall the first time I felt safe with you...
Found in drafts. Missing a friend who will never just be a friend.
WickedHope Jul 2015
I tried to recreate the memory you once confessed you loved
I just didn't expect you to confess you were in love
You have lost the weight I have gained
You have made new memories that layer over the only ones I own
How can I stand next to you yet feel so far from home
I miss you.
WickedHope May 2015
Rain is once again the start of life,
Not the danger of a flash flood.
WickedHope May 2015
remember that thing
that thing you hated
that thing i made you do
that thing we are going to do together
i am going to see you today
really see you
actually see you
for the first time
the first time ever
the first time in two years
two long years
you will see me
remember me, the girl
remember me, the girl
say you'll remember me
that girl you called
you called
you called me Maybe and i called you forever
you and i
remember that thing you hated
that thing we're going to do today
**For the record, he bailed.
WickedHope Feb 2015
At two in the morning
I told you I'd
Locked myself in the closet
I couldn't bare to listen
But you knew the walls
Were thin

You told me to wait
And you'd take me
From this place

At two in the morning
You pulled up
I climbed out my window
And ran to the street

Italian rock bands
In your speakers
Drowning out the house

I was just 15 you an "adult"
And I had a boyfriend
I didn't love
Though none of it mattered
None of that mattered

As we passed the
I choked on a cry
And you stayed silent

Pulled up to your place
At two in the morning
Air hockey tournament
In your basement

I was safe
Happy twentieth, best friend, Two AM, brother, father, salutatorian, college man... My Two AM.
You've always been there when I need you most.
WickedHope Jan 2015
I run the back roads
to our hill
and stare at Boston
in the distance

I wish you
were that close,
close enough to see
so I know you're there
Memories I'm supposed to let go of, though I go back there all the time looking for something different. But I never find more than memories of someone I'm supposed to have forgotten.

His twentieth birthday is soon...
- - -
WickedHope Jan 2015
I want someone to look me in the eyes
like nothing else matters

I want to wake up to him
or a text from him or something more
than the empty feeling in my chest

I want someone to share random thoughts with

I want him to pull me into
his jacket and zip us up inside

I want to talk to someone
about theories, ethics, words,
the universe and more

I want someone to call me at one in the morning
and tell me to look at Polaris

I want him to pick me up unexpectedly
and make me laugh hysterically until I snort

I want someone to trade literature with,
sleep in with, cuddle with

I want someone to miss me when we're apart
Even if it was all fake, I still miss the little things.
- - -
He was always the perfect lie...
WickedHope Jan 2015
You've been distant
The whole time
You've been home...

I see you out with her,
And my soul is crushed.

I always thought,
That out of the two
Hearts you broke,
I was your favourite...
He broke both our hearts,
but I always thought that he loved me a little more.
But he said no to me, avoided me,
and went out with her recently (as friends, but still).

Why does my heart end up in pain no matter what?
WickedHope Jan 2015
Why'd you have to drop it?

**** thing wasn't already broken enough?
You don't even want to know.
I'm just lonely and hurting.
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