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Andres Apr 2019
Can i see California in your eyes?
I ask myself all the time
Clear skies and a bright horizon
Or just stay at home, watch attack on titan
Palm trees and long leaves, how I’d dream of your Caribbean
By any means, do anything, and go round and round just swimming in
Can the beautiful sunset land your kiss upon my lips
Can i soak my hands in the west coast water that is your hips
May i have the honor to bathe in the sun that is your gaze
May i please have you all to myself and with no refrain
Could you mimic the ocean and rock me to sleep
Or could you mimic my thoughts and desire, desire, please desire to be with me?
unrequited acknowledgement of beauty and worth.
3 Feb 2019
i don't like
loving you
because you
are so flawlessly

you breathe
like anyone else,
with faults, & rough edges,
and your face isn't

karmic, (like his was)
our connection isn't
fate, (i don't have the heart
to believe in
such whimsical
ideals anymore)

we're just having
fun, for the time,
for the night, for the

your curls lace
my fingertips to your

grounded with
no fantasy.

i don't like
the meandering of
my soul right now,

i like you, i like enjoying this,
but i don't like
the aimlessness
of this: i miss
karma, and spirits,
and souls

i am tragic
& this love is
too sane
Elioinai Nov 2017
I’ve never looked out
and saw a man
who looked like all he wanted was affection
I’ve never looked out and saw
a heart I thought I might enjoy
but eventually break
because I think I need more than affection
I need a twin
a friend
a thousand times before I need a lover
That kid is beautiful
But he’s not calling me higher
LiviKawa Jul 2016
you give me everything
yet why do i feel
like its not enough?
LiviKawa Jul 2016
i am hesitant everytime
im about to hit send
and overpowered with
crippling guilt everytime
i say "i love you"
LiviKawa Jul 2016
its going on 8 months
and who knew we'd be here

yet i feel so disconnected
and i cannot say i like
the one im in love with
Jenny Gordon Mar 2016

Now moonlight glances in to splash from hence
My silent comforter, then floor, its pale
Eye keener than aught voiceless notice, frail
Calm frozen in reply with snow's pretense
Beyond these darkened hours, as if the sense
Ere waltzing through a pegged load on th'exhale
Which fingered jonquil nubbins like green's bail
Is gone as swiftly as our love's defense.
Oh Tyler!  I could never dream as twere
Of all you held in soulmate, bashert to
A breathless fault, whom none compare to, poor
As saying is.  You were all and more, aye knew
Me better than I dared to think, and your
Love in my veins, though dead, I love you too.

[]...and weep sans comfort or be stoic.  Aha!  But lo, now, 22Apr18 we are happy to report to the world that he did not at all give up the ghost, rather some close, close "friend" of his lied to me, severing us both effectively, torturing me these past two years he's spent searching for me.  The only man who's ever been A Dream Come True.  The LORD be thanked, he is both alive, and I am MY Tyler's.  I cannot be happy enough.
LiviKawa Mar 2016
We call ourselves the reckless youth
Trying to figure out where we are and where we’re planning on going
With lyrics tucked under our tongues that say more than our voices ever will
Where sleepless nights cause purple crescents to appear under our eyes
And replay words from past days through and through our heads

We call ourselves the reckless youth
Looking at the world through maroon eyes
With empty alcohol bottles that we clench onto with our warm sticky palms
And the sheet-ropes we make to climb out of the windows at 3 in the morning
Dealing with the voices and uncertainties of tomorrow
Wondering whether we will wake up inside of our beds smelling of lavender
Or in a field sprawled out among other teenage bodies reeking of beer

We call ourselves the reckless youth
With the memories of Christmas lights that are over-expired
That brought kisses that won't mean a thing to anyone as morning brings massive headaches
Because worthless kisses are now more valuable to us
Then the ones our parents now forget to give

We call ourselves the reckless youth
Because our generation is made up of lost souls
And scars that line the insides and outsides of our bodies
The same scars that we hide behind smiles and stories that swim in our heads
This is our disease and it is contagious
Coming with the temptation of sneaking out to the flowers that grow around campfires
And the reminiscences of lust still stuck to the grass like dew
Ghosts of the lingering fingers that caressed the parts we’ve hidden from society

We call ourselves the reckless youth
Our lives making up pages in a novel that consist of skinny jeans and over-sized sweatshirts
Of the promise that we’ll see better days
And the sun that is still trying to be shielded with broken sunglasses
Tan lines from 7 am runs because the voices in our heads are way too loud

We call ourselves the reckless youth
Addicted to computer screens and turning away only to measure our waists
Ignoring the constant fire outside our door
Deciding to stay inside a burning house instead of running to safety
Here we continue to try and create something new
A life of fantasy where there will be use of different flames
To destroy all of the memories of reality
Because we are misused

We call ourselves reckless
Not because we aren’t wise
But because our wisdom comes in different forms
Like the tidal waves of people crashing upon us
Who tell us we are not good enough
And the words that continue to build inside our bones
Yet we know that these flowers braided in our hair
Will forever be worth more than the diamonds that line their clothes

We call ourselves the reckless youth
When the adults tell us no
But we insist on saying yes
Because it’s not that we are afraid of death
We are afraid of living
Here in this pace where we’ll be dead
Far before we have the chance to live

And maybe we are wasting our time
Though time is a luxury we cannot yet afford
So we will continue to climb out windows
Sneak through back doors
Where we then strip our bodies of the loosely fitted clothes
Quickly dipping our naked frames under the cold water
Forgetting what has made us tired
What made us upset
Which come with the wilting petals of all the things we did wrong
All the regrets we cannot take back

We call ourselves the reckless youth
When we watch the black sky and its stars well past midnight
And look for the familiar sight of home within the walls of our imagination
Where reality slips into a blur of pink and orange clouds

We don’t call ourselves reckless
Because we decided to escape reality, ourselves and society
And blow out clouds of ***** air from deep within our lungs
Or burn holes in our throats from fermentation
We are the reckless youth
Because we chose to be wise
To be strong
To be infinite
This was my first ever poem, so i went back and revised it ((: super long but its one of my favs i guess
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