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Ty Jun 13
I'd like to hang out every now and then.
have a few drinks make some new friends.
I feel so withdrawn am I making this too hard,
is it just in my mind, where should I start .

But I'm rough and I'm tough and I keep my guards up,
its hard to please myself a me, much less a us.
What if I let you in and you become my friend,
just to find out I got to start all over again.

Maybe I really should get out more, there's lots to do and explore,
new people to meet, new adventures to enjoy.
If I could get outside my head, a world with no pressures,
I would be like everyone else, am I the only one that measures!
Ty May 31
Met a year ago, feelings on the low, heart strings didn't show.
And so it began, lovers and friends, lines blurred, feelings stirred.
Bottom to the top and back again, more than lovers we are friends.
In and out of relationships, but our secrets never slipped.

Heart beat on lockdown, starting to feel like a clown,
heart beat skips a beat whenever she's around.
I'm not sayin that I'm falling in love, but she to fits like a glove.
Could it be I underestimated fate or just a feeling that I'm too late.

As she walks down the aisle I feel it was all too much,
to have ignored my feelings I was way out of touch.
For my friend and my lover I wish her much luck.
Vows spoken my heart begins to sink,
eyes meeting she gives me a Wink.
Ty Apr 29
Well here I sit at my desk another week before me.
Fake smile on my face, like I like this place,
just in case they want to fill my space.

That endless cycle of work to the weekend.
Got to love Friday, that's when we get that pay,
take a break time to play or just to lounge all day.

Monday thru Friday it just seems to drag , then the weekend does
a drive by... fast as hell.
I'm not mad at my job, I like what I do, got a friend or two,
that  helps me get through.

Work! No silver spoon to give me a pass, no hate... Maybe.
So here I sit at my desk like I'm on trial,
lets get this party started gonna be here for awhile.
Friday rolls up, then I start to smile.
Sunday night creeps in and then it's off to work again!
Ty Feb 28
Who needs friends when I got people like You,
you talk behind my back and in my face Too!
Its not that I think I'm this and or I'm That,
good people draw good people and that is a Fact.
When it's just us you act like we cool, But...
when others are around you dog me what the F ck!
Who puts someone Down, when others are Around,
making jokes at their Expense, now its starting to get Intense.
**** I know that I smell it's h-a-t-E
Lets get this party started if this is how its gonna Be,
Took the high road with you and called you on the Telly,
talk about my feelings but you was smelling real Smelly.
You hung up on me, I guess this is really a Split,
text me a little later said you got no time for my ****T...
So at the end of the day "friends how many of us have Them",
thought it was us, but the chances looking pretty Slim!!!!
Ty Jan 31
I look at stuff and I read stuff, giving most of the stuff no pass,
most of the stuff, the stuff I see, the stuff I read no class.
So who am I to share my view, a random who like me like you,
but there is a view from me and you, put it in the mix for all to chew.
So here's a clue from me to you, put it out there and we will share,
what we think before you blink, a point of view our Smelly Do Do.
The good and bad throw it in the mix, just to see what sticks,
He said she said now count the clicks, rabbit in my hat lots of tricks.
Observations made so what's your conclusion, what's your solution,
don't make it confusing, with the delusion of anything but intrusion.
Here we go again will it never end, the who and what they do,
my stink your stank, who do we thank, get a clue its just your view
cause in the end, its all Do Do!
Ty Jan 19
Start of a new year got snow on the ground,
been a minute since I felt it, its really coming down.
Kids out sleighing, love to see them playing,
looking out the window, not going out just saying.
Coffee cup in my hand, looking out so refreshing,
everything all covered, but upon further inspection.
Twinkle left my eye, I got work to do,
and if it's not me then please tell me who?

Looking out the window and all I see is white,
dreaming about Miami and its not even night.
Picked up the phone got to get a reservation,
all the planes on the ground, ended that conversation.
Walking back forth pushing that shovel in my hand,
made up my mind and I got a new plan.

Called up the store, you got them blowers in stock,
laughed in my ear I wanna hit him with a rock.
So back and forth I walk, then I saw them looking out.
Wife and kids smiling as I do my walk about.
Ty Nov 2023
Rolling down the street and this car cut me off,
looked the other way and gave the guy a Pass.
Bopping to the tunes when I looked up in my mirror,
there he was again riding all up on my ***.

Reached up in my mind had I cut this guy off,
tapped the brakes lightly I hope that he can See.
Caught him back there slipping and he slammed on his brakes,
now he really ****** so he chasing after Me.

Yeah he really ****** but is it me or my car.
from what I can see we live in different zip Codes.
I worked hard to get here nothing was giving to me,
knowing where I come from its time to change Modes.

So I slipped to my right and I let him pass by,
dipped in behind and rode him real Tight.
Saw him hit his brakes check one check two,
nothing new for me so I rode him just for Spite.

Now he on the run but he don't got the juice,
should have let it go but i can't at this Stage.
Don't know what he was thinking my click got him scared,
flashed it to his mirror and I'm ready to Engage.

Worked real hard to get here not really worth it,
caught a glimpse of my future living in a cage.
Backed off the gas this life not for me,
but for that one minute I was lost, Road Rage!
Ty Oct 2023
Welcome to the world that poses for roses,
looking for flowers, roses 4 poses.
Talk about it write it down be sure it flows,
as long as they all see and everyone knows.

Look around take a peep know what I mean
living in a world built by ones in a dream.
Mirror just a reflection of a false confession
stimulated by the ******* of a upward direction.

Hidden within the made up atttributes
I close my eyes, my mind accepts no substitutes.
I live on Social Media and i do all there is to do
in my world of make believe, coming straight at you!
Ty Aug 2023
Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great... holdup wait,
Egg out the crate, we all know his fate.
He made a big slip and took a short trip,
like the rain drops they drip, that *** got whipped.
Who you gonna call, ghost busters on the way,
oops what a fall, cracked shell on display.
Yolk over here, shell over there,
I think he pooped his underwear.
Scrambled egg for dinner, sounds like a winner.
Add salt and pepper, make it taste much better.

Eggs get busted up, People don't give a F*ck
Sad to say but that's whats up, is it Karma or is it luck

Walking tall never crawl
or you will take a fall
You think that you cleaver
we eat you up for the pleasure!
Ty Jul 2023
Doo Bop Dee witty boom boom let it bloom
  me pop this zitty make it hit real soon…
We stopped for Kitty let it purr make it zoom
  i made this ditty made it up with a boom....
I rock the room smoke a splitty cut the fake
  we smile no gloom  hit'em up eat the cake...
Read this eyes open then you know what to take
  close your eyes tight and there'll be no escape...
Hold up no waiting crisscross hit the brake
  slide in my lane and it will be too late.....
Doo Bop Dee witty load'em up hit the city
  me pop this bitty blow'em real pretty....

front to the back to the front make'em jump
back to the front to the back just a bump!
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