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Ty Apr 8
Our eyes met I felt her fire, when she spoke she took me higher
Bodies intertwined lined with fur, meant to be, I and her
Fast forward no hesitation, the picture drawn, no erasing
Our love front page face to face, love her smell, love her taste

Who's to say what the future may hold, today we shine, never to fold
If tomorrow I knew today, I'd put my heart, on full display
Never holding back giving 100, answering all questions, she ever wondered
Threw my feelings over the ceiling, her love I'm feeling, very thrilling

From the beginning to the end, I'm all in
No bad feelings and its not a sin
This where we start, my only real friend
From the end to our beginning and back again
Ty Mar 23
What's that you saying, me and you be playing
You was the one that I walked to, the one that I talked to
In between their word, you are the one I heard
Above it all we had truth, now I know, gone, ****

Ran to you when you was running to me
Through the lies now I see
My eyes wide open walking in the rain
Tears in the water feel my pain

Thought we was this, it was just a wish
Now I know, you never felt my flow
My broken heart ruled, I was so fooled
I don't know you, not even a clue

Friendship and love we look to form
Good times and bad weather the storm
I thought we was this, I use to scream and shout
Bumped my head... And Then I Found Out
Ty Mar 17
The demarcation of a hater full of temptation
   void of limitations
Waiting in line to steal your sensation
   in front of you is their destination
Past your walls like condensation
   climbing the ladder real infiltration
Up in your space on every occasion
   needless to say no relaxation
Pointless to hide low expectation
   tension growing no recreation
Push them back new manifestation  
   a love for them the void I'm erasing
In your ear they cause aggravation
   which only leads to confrontation
Alleviating the constipation
   caused by unfair adjudication
No more haters bold declaration
   anticipation with new stipulations
Communication full participation
   protects one from an unjust nation
A life  to look forward to no renovation
   one life one love new demarcation
Ty Mar 10
I lost a friend the other day, he passed and went away
words can not express my feelings, I don't know what to say...
As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
The words and meaning, take away my Breath
I will fear no evil; for thou art with me
A prayer, A psalm, words to comfort Thee...

I lost a friend the other day, I will never be the same
a cup full of my emotions, the love and the pain
A feeling within that touches on my mortality
the knowledge that this is my reality
A path we all shall walk, a memory lost the sorrows
from birth to death, all of our tomorrows

A space left in my heart, for all that depart
to meet again we pray, I Lost a Friend the other DaY
Ty Feb 26
Should i leave or should i stay
cold days ahead either Way
Got this noise in my ear, i can hardly breath
must be this space i'm in, makes me Deceive
Told her this but i really meant that
don't want to be here, the only true Fact
Who ever said love hurts hit it on the head
brighter days hidden, waking the wrong Bed
Day one i knew she was the one, but that feeling faded
cant put the blame all on her, that would be too Shaded
Man in the mirror pointing at me, is this my fault?
always needing someone else to blame, that's what we Taught
But here's a new angle, new food for thought
mirror shining on me and now i'm Caught
Do the right thing, that sound familiar
life don't have to be another Thriller
At the end of the day i lost, defeat
she moved on i miss her she pressed, Delete
Ty Feb 3
I want it all, the better things in life
the money the fame and a bad wife

I wouldn't say i'm superficial but i'm not existential  
even though its not essential, i got it in my mental

Playbacks running thru my mind but life aint that kind
stuck in this lane, got no one to blame

But i want it all, what i got to do
reality is so brutal all my green lights blue

The fame the fortune not meant for me
blinded by the television but now i see

No spoons in my mouth, don't even got a house
future not that bright and i can't find the light

Pressed fast forward but all i do is crawl
Life passing me by but I WANT IT ALL
Ty Jan 14
She came to me one day, she was a maniac
dug deep in my heart, a real pain I liked
Soul real dark, red stained at that
eyes wide open, I feel the pain a fact
Back in the day, I use to be a Mac
girls hanging on, was I a coat rack
Hit her with my tone, got her on my back
Until she broke me down, that little maniac.....

I got her in the sack, she want to play Iraq
my little maniac, she like that rat-tat-tat
She say that she the boss and i aint feeling that
acting like a fool, where's my head at

She put me in my place and she aint coming back
Thinking back on us,  was i the Maniac
Ty Jan 11
Fat cat like dat but he silly wack
Playing on a big track, watch out watch your back
Big itch he need to scratch, played his folks just like that
Where you going, where you at, beat us down, baseball bat

Hard to watch, what we learn, no water here watch them burn
Held the power held it firm, we the people watch the worm
Don't got your back, not another term, made us squirm

Split us up for his cause, played on us like we dolls
Hold up wait, hit the pause, all he wants is applause  

As a people we will stand, no forever you are not the MAN!

(can't end like this, just one wish and with a smile, please exile)
Ty Nov 2020
Woke up this morning, they still trying to Tase Me
Peeping out the window, looking kinda Haze Z
Coffee watch the news, they still trying to Play see
Got my own vision, wont let them Phase me

Heading off to work, feeling kinda Lay Z
Best foot forward, I need to get Paid see
Friction all around, the world real Cray Z
Color versus color, wont let them Play me

The clock ticked the clock, meeting up with Bay B
Dinner drinks, real talk, hope she never Trade me
Day fades to night, trying to get that Gray V
TV watching us, our love always Amaze me

Woke up this morning, they still trying to Tase me
Peeping out the window, looking kinda Haze Z
Ty Sep 2020
Wake me up before you go
Take a picture with my mind
Carry you with me all day
Pull you out and think of you

Wake me up before you go
So I can feel your flow
Let you know how I feel
Let you know my love is real

Wake me up before you go
Wrap my body around your body
Feel your warmth next to me
And listen to our heart beats

Wake me up before you go
So I can let you know
That my love for you is real
That this is how I feel
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