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Ty May 3
Somebody looking for me and I'm looking for them,
don't know who will it be, that got the eyes for me.
Dressed for the role and I'm ready to meet them,
real life movie lust, the perfect part for us.

We all looking for it, sometimes its hard to find,
that real special person, that one of a kind.
Keep myself together eyes always on the prize,
find that special one make my temperature rise.

So where you at, we both been to the well,
dipped the bucket in pulled up a piece of hell.
Said we gone this and we didn't do that,
broke the others heart and we can't go back.

Life lessons learned but I'm always on call,
find that special one and I'm standing real tall.
I'm looking for them, I hope they looking for me,
Garden of Love, plant a seed and grow a tree.
Ty Apr 7
Round and round we go but this time I'm through,
tired of your this and that, you now my ex baby boo.
Always about you and never about us,
lies and deceit and nothing about trust.
No more where you going and when you coming home,
from this point forward I'm all alone.
I was all alone any way, a empty glass on a shelf,
even when we together I was by my self.
You not my mother, I wish you could see,
you was just my lover, not the boss of me.
Now who you gonna call when you need a shoulder,
it wont be me my mind is older.
Old enough to realize that I have wasted too much time,
young enough to know I can still find a dime.
This point forward we not Lovers and you not my Boss,
this heart belongs to me and so does this house!
Ty Jan 11
I lost a friend the other day, he passed and went away,
words can not express my feelings, I dont know what to Say...
As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
the words and meaning, all take away my Breath...
I will fear no evil, for thou art with me,
a prayer, A psalm, words to comfort Thee...

I lost a friend the other day, I will never be the same,
my mind full of my emotions, the love and the Pain...
A feeling within that touches on my mortality,
the knowledge that this is my Reality...
A path we all shall walk, the memories lost and sorrows,
from birth to death, all of our Tomorrows...

A space left in my heart, for all that depart,
to meet again I pray, I Lost a friend the other DaY...
Gone but not forgotten.
Ty Jan 6
My mind was playing tricks on me, I thought you felt the same.
looking back on us, now i know it was a game.
My mind was playing tricks on me, what happened to us?
thought that you were on my side, not just here, for the ride.
Eyes were shut, but that was then and now I can see.
Had me caught up in my feelings, did you even love me?

spaces in between the lines in my Mind
had me feeling all was Fine
but now i know it was just a Dream
cause life aint always what it Seems
through the darkness and the Haze
next time around I'll look both Ways
Ty Nov 2022
Strange bird that once heard the word. Whispers in her ear that brought her fear.
Thoughts of future dreams a life not what it seems. But in the end she found the blend.
The perfect fit for her that makes her body Purr. Lust, greed and temptation bringing new sensation!
A life of new adventures void of all sensors. Eyes wide open freedom the new token.

If only it could be a life of what you see. Free from all judgement free from all contempt.
Ty Sep 2022
Thoughts enter my mind like an invasion
telling me what to do forced persuasion
Fighting back the thoughts cause me agitation
trapped in this cycle of dos and don't constipation
Free thoughts of the mind a future I'm craving
trapped in a never ending loop no reality no vacation
Awaken from the dream back to reality no invitation
reality forced upon me, future behind me a Invasion
Ty Jul 2022
This is jus a Sample.... A Sample….
   of the way I Feel
An example, of the Life I Live

Dug deep by the layers of Time
   spread thru the Hours-
Of the days by Design

A Rhyme set forth within my mind
   of the smiles passed by in time
Here I stand present and accounted for

One day at a time, God's Design
   a fluid motion of a magic potion
Like the flames of the Fire,
life takes me higher..... by DESIGN
Ty Jun 2022
We live in a world of violence
no way for us to deny this.
Every day include the things you might miss
no promises of tomorrow, not even that last kiss.

A world filled with revolving pains
dreams dissolved replaced with tear stains.
Lives shattered are guns the blame
tears hidden with walks in the rain.

No more tomorrows, heartfelt sorrows
world full of horror, no love to borrow.
No hiding place, no where to escape
nowhere is safe, we have lost our faith.

With pain and sorrows we make a wish
that one day we all get past this.
Children dying before their parents
no heart, no soul, this thing VIOLENCE!
Ty Apr 2022
Walking through the store I heard people getting loud,
the louder they got the wilder they got,  soon they drew a crowd.
Everyone has an opinion, that doesn't make it a fact,
will we ever climb the hill together like Jill and that guy Jack.

A society of people split up, divided by different wages,
from poverty to wealth all on different pages.
Karen propped up riding too high in society,
only aligned with her own priority.

Race barriers only crossed by the depth of ones pockets,
institutionalized views on every ones dockets.
A persons stature dependent on their wealth,
the collective of their being hidden within so stealth.

Welcome to America home of the free,
bank account low so that don't include me.
When I get my coins up imma reach for the top,
got to get pass what they tell me, They telling me to STOP!
Ty Mar 2022
Hello there pretty lady, can I talk to you?
have a conversation and share a point of view.
I saw you standing there, can I to get to know you?
let me in your world and I'll open my doors too.

Looking at the outside, I like what I see.
if the inside looks as good, you're the one for me.
I hope I fit your dreams and you like my style.
i want to get to know you, I want to make you smile.

My eyes are wide open and I'm ready for this journey.
meet me half way, new adventures for us to see.
A love story to be written, starring you and me.
let me in your life, let's see what we can be.

Hello pretty lady can I talk to you?
i find you very interesting, I hope you feel me too!
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