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Diva Irin Oct 2015
Although you feel you are,
You will never be abandoned.
Don't you worry about being back stabbed,
For you are not the only one.
Forget all the things they said
They only want to see you broken.
The dagger-like words do hurt a lot,
But you are not the only one.
Don't let yourself fall down
Lift up your soul somehow
Though you're tired of being pushed away,
You are not the only one.
People come and people go
All that remain are bitter-sweet memories.
No problem if you feel lonely at times,
'Cause You are not the only one.
Come home little bird, don't stray,
You'll find a place where you belong.
You feel you're the only one orphaned but
Believe me, you are not the only one.
28 Sept '15  11:25 am
Diva Irin Oct 2015
This is exactly what you wanted
You wished he would stop calling.
And now that your phone doesn't show his name anymore
You cant stop thinking about him.
You did this to him,
You made him feel terrible and yourself too.
And now you know he's too hurt
Because you know he cant live without u.
He is in a deplorable state
That's just because u wanted so.
And you were too coward to give him a reason
You didn't tell him why you let go.
You told him that you hate him,
Shouted and screamed and called him names.
But trust me girl you're taking a risk too big
It might end up in a situation u wont be able to face.
The days get by, and life goes on
And maybe you'll even forget him.
But you wont forget being so cold.
You wont forget the horrible thing you did..
1 Oct '15 12:27am
Diva Irin Sep 2015
Look all around, but I still see nothing
The tears make it harder to see.
I tried and tried and tried too hard,
But the pain makes it hard to believe.
I'm losing my sanity I suppose.
Such things don't happen to the sane.
I tried and tried and tried too hard,
But I can no more fight the pain.
I'm giving up, losing hope.
All sorts of dark things crossing my mind
I tried and tried and tried too hard,
But cant seem to leave the past behind.
Darkness takes over, all the light goes,
And I am silent as the night.
I tried and tried and tried too hard,
Yet I never could be right.
And now I wait for the end to come
When I finally shall close my eyes.
I tried and tries and tried too hard,
But I still can't sleep at nights.
Diva Irin Sep 2015
Caught somewhere between insecure and peaceful,
She believes she can fool the world.
Her smiling face hides the ugly truth,
The laughs camouflage a heartbroken girl.

They let her dream big and bigger
When they knew they wouldn't fulfill any.
And when she asks why her dreams were crushed,
They tell her she's not even worth a penny.

Took everything from her hands,
All the things that she deserved.
She wasn't unaware of the events,
She just never said a word.
22 Sept'15
10:22 pm
Diva Irin Sep 2015
So I began to drive
With all thoughts clear in my mind,
I was searching for light.
This is my motivation. My first attempt at haiku though.
  Sep 2015 Diva Irin
Beth Decisions
There you are.
Hundreds of miles away from me.
Yet when I hear your voice through my phone.
It feels as you are right next to me.
I think of you laying next to me.
Holding me as I sleep.
And I can feel every curve of you against me as though you are really there.
Oh how I love our midnight talks.
Confessing every detail of ourselves.
Telling things no one else knows.
And though I love it.
I would do anything for you to really be here.
I don't know how to live without you next to me.
You are my everything.
My other half.
My wish upon a shooting star.
You are the dream non compare to.
If only I could see you.
Hug you for one moment.
I know my world would be okay.
I know my smile would finally shine.
I can't wait to see you.
Finally be able to hold you.
And kiss that smile I love so much.
Be able to look into the eyes that hypnotize me.
Oh how I miss you.
How I love you.
I can't wait till I can finally see you.
It's so close to the time.
We're months away.
Weeks away.
Days away.
Moments away.
And now we're here.
With you sitting next to me.
Written for someone as a gift to their boyfriend
Diva Irin Sep 2015
I've roamed these streets for years.
Years ago, I was only a kid, naive.
Only if I had known
Id have to leave them one day
To set out on an obscure quest.
Struggle to exist in this world
Full of paradoxes.
Today as I look back
And find nothings still the same.
My heart yearns to back
To these streets I've roamed for years.
And live up each moment once again.
Laugh and be reckless once again.
Make the same mistakes once again.
And be scolded for them once again.
At least know that somebody's still there,
To care for me Once Again.
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