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Khoi Jun 24
Dear Chr✝s...
Kind regards
Saïda Boūzazy Oct 2020
How awful the world is!
How creepy the self is!
How weird she is !
SHE can no longer breeze
How savage humanity is!
Where she lives ,
She is not what she is!
The suicide bomber, seeing a little girl
Who was leaving the ill-fated church,
Patted her head with compassion

Then he placed himself
Among the Easter prayers
And pressed the button
Thomas Mar 2018
Personality like two sides of a coin,
Duplicitous in nature...
Both the cause and the cure,
This is the infinite loop in my mind,
Minute to minute for all of my time..

Serendipitous in it's naive essence,
Living for that fortunate happenstance ..
While the residue past transgressions,
Poisons future endeavors' chance...
This is the infinite loop in my mind,
Minute to minute for all of my time..

Both sinner and saint in the same line,
Posing as the executioner and the accused all in one mind..
This is the infinite loop in my mind,
Minute to minute for all of my time...

So I tread on through life,
Happiness within reach with my own hand dragging me down...
Things will be different because of the people that surround,
They give me the strength and desire  to deny my demons...
This is the infinite loop has been broken,
Which existed in my mind...
Minute to minute for all of my time

Raised on my extremes with these extremes woefully denied,
An oath silently affirmed yet mournfully defied.
Words not weighed or windowed by their sheer multitude,
Inwardly swallowed in rhyme, be they rusty and sometimes crude.
To some - truth has to be dashed with the salt within their own eyes,
Their own tears to confuse the foolishness and twist them into lies.
Do any loving words have an equaling folly to befall?
Or do you believe in nothing – yes - nothing at all?
The poets’ rites are here - to - for rarely embraced,
When what is needed is a muse, who could add flavor to the taste.
Such savoring delights I offer, to a soul in need of ritual food,
Served up hot all at once – then sinfully shared in the ****.
But by force one cannot offer these to even the gods,
For only one in a million is worthy, all the rest are just at odds.
No fraud I offer you in this, my musing trade,
But writers are harder to conquer than they are to persuade.
They are busy scribes mingling within life’s refuse,
Raking around in the garbage looking for new verbiage to defuse.
Do you hear me – do my words sit on your lips?
Touch them now – gently - and let me take you away on a thousand trips.
My words on your lips – can they truly take you away?
Shhhh – my darling, close your eyes and taste them, and their gentile foreplay.
Oh this author swears it not but only you can know
How far these words can reach or where for art they may go.
If I fail you and for want I lose my common sense,
What love will come from this or be the consequence?
My words are like raging fevers boiling my own blood,
Be careful my muse, these words often float into a flood.
For love is like water always seeking the path of least resistance,
Quiet yet powerful and oft bubbling over in persistence.
Breathe my muse; take it all in as we flow into the decent
Working up the foam as we threaten to shoot the vent.
Who among are as witty as we are wise?
I watch as my words leave those lips and shine from within your eyes.
Those eyes like reflecting pools, one by two, my holly preference,
I think God must have given us two eyes so as to cross the reference.
Kiss me my muse; please kiss me until this fatal fury has gone,
Hold on tight as I write and drag you from your rightful throne.
These words raised in power amongst our fellowship.
Words, precious words, now on our hungry lips.
May we let them ooze – oh - please let them go,
Listen do you taste them now? Only you my muse -
Only you can ever know.

I cannot speak for everyone but as for myself I do believe that with my writing I do look for a muse. This piece is written to such a muse even though no such person exists. It is an attempt to say what I would want to say and feel in that pure delight of understanding and being understood.
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