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alice Oct 2014
Feeling the need to let my mind just unwrap itself into whatever past present or future place it guides me to.

September 14, 2014 - 7 years ago it was less than a week before my world would forever be altered.

Nothing to prepare her.
She thought she knew what she wanted,
what she was doing;
none of it made sense
and it frightened and intrigued her
all at once.

What splendor lies in the forbidden unknown;
behind the curtain.

Close your eyes Julia,
just keep them closed and this will all be over soon.

You don't really feel him inside you,
on top of you,
behind you.
He's not there.
Not really, not if you don't want him to be.

You can do it.
Just leave the room.
Can't you see it?

You're getting ***** flat on your stomach.

I know you see him.
You see the anger in his face from way up here in the corner of the ceiling.
It's okay.
Don't cry.
Just numb out.

Think of ****** and of Brian.
He doesn't feel like Brian.
Don't think about it.

Don't think about it.
This is your life now.
You chose this.
You deserve this.

Can you breathe?
Your head has been jammed between those pillows so long.

Are you sure she's ok?
She thinks she is but just wait.

He's been clipped.
You won't get pregnant.

I have to let him do this.
He's waited so long.
I have no more reason not to.
The postponing is over.

Pleasing him, her, anyone, always comes before what you want.
Do as is expected, Julia and it'll all be over soon.

You can make this all go away if you want.

Run, run fast into the back corner of the house
where your little room lies.
Stay there till it's over.
Till he's finished.

Don't worry about the warmth inside you,

Just remember the balloons on your wallpaper,
that toy box right below the window in that first tiny room of yours.
You look up and see the blue sky
and the clouds twist themselves into animals for you.
The purple crayon loops on the wall behind the door.

The night light, the bear with the stocking cap on.
Where is it?
Where'd it go?
It's dark again, it's so dark and I can barely breathe.

Why are my clothes off?
When did he take them off?
Did I?
How did all this begin?
Where am I?
His bed.

I can hear the fountain outside.
Turn your head, Julia.
It's Friday, the day after the chaos.
I'm on my back.

This is the first time?
This was the first of 2...or 3.

**** is an ugly word.
It sounds just like the act.
It feels ***** and painful in your mouth.

Hate comes easy when I see that print of the pillowcase.
It smells of ****** sweat and clean sheets.

My hair is getting pulled.
"I'm gonna make you mine."
Hold your breath, let him do what he's going to do and just wait.
Stay in one spot and do nothing,
nothing can hurt you if you just lie there.

This isn't really happening.
Go away.
Go away, Julia.
Just run,
run as far away as you can.

You're in bed with a monster
and you don't need to see the life he's steeling from you.
Taken from my personal "Panic Pages" - free writes for therapeutic means.

Alice is Julia, Julia is Alice.

This piece, like myself, is confusing, unclear and messy; my apologies.
alice Jul 2014
There's nothing like it.

Bowing my head;
the tears sliding
over my cheeks,
dripping down
into my lap.

I let my chest fill up.
I let my eyes fill up.
I let my head fill up.

These things
take me over,
flooding my mind
with the mistakes
I've made;
the awful person
I've become.

I beat myself,
for the things I've done
for the things I do.
I cannot stop,
I am driven
to fail
those I love most.

I'm so good,
I can lie
to anyone;
pulling the wool over their eyes,
belief built on
faith, trust and denial.
I am this
heartless creature,
selfish to the core.

The lies I tell,
no one questions,
not even
Self-loathing and psychological punishment taking shape as poetry.
alice Jul 2014
She tasted like watermelon on a july day 

pink and juicy

Mostly liquid (transparent) but full of flavor 

a rosebud mouth that inhaled like I did 

bitter meals of smoke from tin foil and glass 

She laughed like echoes off ancient cave walls 

all experience and fire 

dangerous arousal from a primitive state 

I gave her my greatest possession

sharing with eyes wide open 

She fights without going to Geneva 

*****, with bricks 
taking hits like a man

deep breaths of poison and still she trudges on 

She smelled like gardenias inside my palms 

familiar and hand-picked

infested with seeds 

but all that I can recall is her on my lips; 

pink and juicy

tasting like watermelon on a july day.
Inspired by the wonder that is my best friend and kindred spirit, Lara Lockwood.
alice Jun 2014
There sits a box
beneath my bed
where I gently place
each one of you.
You are all
in your distortion.

I pop each of you
every once in a while;
like ice cubes
from a tray.
You slither and melt
into me,
your frozen waters;
an ocean of time.

I'm taken back
to when
you all meant something.
All my deceit and pain
tied tightly
with a
velvet ribbon;
as a gift.

I disguise you
with costumes
so grand
you appear to be
a commodity,
property of
trickery so dark.

I keep you
in that box
beneath my bed
where you can't escape
without my key.
You only come out
when my demons
won't sleep;
their elusive charm
so seductive;
a perverse
of thought.

and secret
are the lies
I've told.
The lives
I've lead
and those I've

Underneath the rubble
and debris
breathes a girl
so lost,
squandering herself
without reason.

So in the box
you will stay,
wrapped up warm
in blankets of
until the time comes
to clean out
what lies beneath
my bed.
my twisted way of cherishing the deceptive person I once was.
alice Jun 2014
I sit here and type
the sounds of alcohol
dribble in
through the netting
of my screen.
The pseudo-intellectual noise
of the painfully stupid

I sit here and type
I wait
for the camel to burn.
For his blue feet
to go up in
mighty embers.
Resisting their

I sit here and type
my cat blinks at the
iridescence of nothing;
in it's
The invisible fields;
designs of the

I sit here and type
realities flatten
in lives
Tragedy unfolds
upon more
leaving no
no triumph.

I sit here and type
the Oroboros
eat their own tails;
solidifying their
eternal return
in movements
of blindness;
displaying their
ever-lasting existence.

I sit here and type
domesticated peoples
bypass the phenomena
that is,
our humanity.
Giving in to
temporal compression;
eyes bandaged.

I sit here and type
nothing in particular happens.
The terminally mad
go mad,
the desperate prisoner
remains imprisoned,
the lipstick stains
the mouth
and we all
go on,
as if we weren't
the wiser.
Observations of some girl named Alice. She thinks she's clever.
alice Jun 2014
I knew you once,
when the sun
shown bright.
Your brown eyes
deep with delight.
You were vibrant
full of art;
the windows
and doors
straight to your heart.

Flash forward:
time span
7 years;
you drown in
dark, ****** tears.
Alone with yourself,
the shadows emerge.
Your defenses down;
their spell, you cannot purge.

She feels like love,
those intoxicating charms;
slithering through
the needles in your arms.
You know, as I:
from her
you'll never hide.
Lie, cheat, steal
to keep her
by your side.

I adore you
like a sister,
there's nothing more true.
But I have to step back
with feelings so blue.
There's nothing to do
but sit here
and hope
I don't get that phone call,
"She's overdosed
on dope."

My little Dolly;
Lara, you're my
own personal
Betty Page.
Please pick the lock;
free yourself
from this cage.
For Lara - this life would make even less sense without you. Please don't go...
alice Jun 2014
2 men,
that's it.
2 men
have known me,
inside, they fit.

Doped out
of my mind;
it's hard to recall.
Bits and pieces,
flashes of memory.
I was a living rag doll.

Barely breathing,
he takes me from behind.
Pulls my hair,
and says,
"I'm gonna make you mine!"

I think it happened
three times,
but who really knows?
When your brain's
as high as mine goes.

I can't call it ****,
I was a willing participant.
Numb to the bones,
so with it I went.

When it all fell apart;
my secrets exposed,
he wrote me something
that was no longer prose.

His words were razor blades,
slicing the skin with ease.
I kept myself in my own prison;
over, my heart began to freeze.

"A willing **** victim",
is what he called me.
Sick to my stomach
for allowing him in,
I lay my head on the pillow
to cry for a 5 year old sin.
Inspired by the most hurtful words ever uttered to me. Written before I could accept that this man had indeed ***** me.
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