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Alexciya Feb 2021
be mine

on this lovers day

red velvet russian roulette

and blood worn lingerie

our chaos swept the city

now a vacant town is our ballroom

the Romeo to my Juliet

“Where art thou?”

I know you hear me calling you.
Alexciya Feb 2021
The gurgle of the coffee maker,
The clink of your spoon on the frigid counter,
The sizzle of bacon residue in a frying pan,

and an egg cracking over it.

The murmurs of the news reporters on the tv,
The distant roar of a train in the background,
The dive into sensory pleasure,

while reality dissipates.

The smell of hazelnut creamer and cinnamon,
The taste of a waffle with buttery syrup,
The warm sun on your face through the window,

today is good; today will be different.

The giggles of the waffles and coffee,
The light conversation and hard laughter,
The feeling of home... within them,

a sudden shift in atmosphere.

The sharp loss of appetite
The grieving of what wasn’t lost
The shared remorse for nothing you’ve done

they tell you that you’re pathetic.

The despair in your mug dropping into the table
The swallowed tears and screams
The chaos that covers every square inch of you

distance between you and hope still stands.

The ***** kitchen and your empty stomach
The distressing moonlight that creeps in the window
The anger in thinking you’re liberated this time

sounds of an empty home stir.

The cold seats that have accompanied nobody
The wallowing roar of silence
The jacket of despair that wears you

your average day.
Alexciya Feb 2021
I want to melt into you.

I want to breathe your every breath.

I want to climb into your skin and feel your heart beating from your chest.

I look into your eyes and see the world for what it is.

When your mind becomes too heavy and you forget how to be happy, I’ll take you to mine and stop time

You’ll leave an unscathed soul.

our existence is freedom, and you can have whatever you want when you’re here

For now i know it’ll be me, but i’ll grieve if the end is near

I will hold onto nothing but the thought of you, if you must go

you’re free my lover, do what you must to grow
Alexciya Feb 2021
Dwell to ease your numbness

then fly away to secrete the chaos

bring wrath upon your river eyes
because the pressure swallows you


what happens when I dive in and have never learned to come up for air?

will the promised land accept me again?

or will i forever drown?

you can be numb in the truth but it’s still eating you alive

is there really good done when i open my eyes?

see what you will, but i’m saying goodbye

******* truth so I can drown in peace

— The End —