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Aubry Oct 2021
Oh darling,
How truly pleasing you are
Your gaze shifts to mine unknowing
If only you knew the power you're holding
Oh how I adore those helpless eyes
It's truly a shame they do no real looking
Clip, clop you walk steadily off
No! Don't go!
Oh darling,
Don't you understand I adore you.
Or have I not made it clear?
Well allow me to demonstrate my dear
How hopelessly, helpless i've become
Please won't you let me have you
Oh for heaven's sake!
You can not just ignore me,
Love me I beg you
Oh darling,
It appears you truly are blind
Or is it just that I've stolen your eyes?
You would not return my gaze
So I forced it
What a horrible mistake I've made
But no remorse do I have for it
Smick! Smack! You try to crawl away
No! You mustn't go!
Oh darling,
I've captured you once more
Not just in my gaze, of that I am sure
It appears my ropes are too tight.
You are turning blue like the brightest of skies.
Let me tell you the sweetest of lies.
Slithering, slipping, sliding through my grasp,
Your breath is drawing fewer.
Oh darling,
What have I done?
You were my one true love,
Why did you have to fade to grey?
Should I have just admired you and stayed away?
How I miss those helpless, sightless eyes
I am the monster who destroyed you
Oh darling,
I wish I had never known you.
My boyfriend's neighbor is a monster, this is completely unrelated
Aubry Apr 2021
I always used to wonder why things ended
Why "the end" was such a hard thing to admit
Why there were tears
Why there was no smiles to be found
I didn't understand why people would be so sad
Besides the end was just a new beginning
Then I grew up
I realized the end does in fact bring a new beginning
But that new beginning is something that you cant control
Its a change that is almost always expected
Yet no one sees it coming
I get it now
Sometimes "the end" is just to hard to bare
Aubry Mar 2021
i'm ill
the soul of my being aches
aches for validation
from the one person
that cannot provide it.
Aubry Mar 2021
When the emotions are boiling over
I speak to you
at least that's what I want to do
your never there
I was there, everytime
why can't I be treated the same in return
come on just pick up the phone
i've been calling
why am I waiting on you?
Aubry Feb 2021
today was the last day
the last day for everything
the last day to love you
the last day to kiss you
the last day to hold your hand
one last embrace
one last glance
all I want is one more second
that's not what you want is it?
you want nothing
no one last anything
because you never wanted a first
a first everything
a first day to love me
a first kiss
a first glance
a first embrace
a first time holding my hand
so please tell me why if you didn't want a first anything
please just let me have one last
last anything
Aubry Jan 2021
One day i'll be able
able to hold my fate in my hands
able to write a soothing rhyme

One day i'll be able to
to stand up taller
to know how to save my time

One day i'll be able to be
be someone or something
be happy again

One day i'll be able to be me

Me finally
Aubry Oct 2020
Its not supposed to be this hard
I'm not supposed to wonder day to day if i'll be ok
I look back at pictures of the people I had to leave behind
they still remember me like I remember them
Im not the only one who feels like they have to move on
But you see I cant help thinking they dont remember me
I know i'm not ok
I am trying...
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