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Emily Oct 2018
Beautiful form,
Color of cement,
Rough texture,
Heavy weight.

Thin brush,
Melted white wax,
Pattern applied,
10 minute wait.

Wide brush,
Turquoise and white glazes,
Alternating in bands,
Around the tall vase

Sitting on a plank,
Drying in the breeze,
Sunning itself,
Just another in a line-up.

Dark place,
Intense heat,
Wax burns,
Glaze melts and fuses.

Brief glimpse of sun,
Put out in the trash,
Newspapers below ignite,
Lid closed down tight.

Flames suffocate themselves,
Reducing environment,
No longer oxidizing,
Affects the final look.

Carbon floats, turning
What was covered by wax into shiny black,
Adding lines of black to the white glaze,
Covering the vessel with burnt debris.  

Exposed to the sun once more,
Cooled in the breeze,
Rinsed with water,
Scrubbed clean.

Admired by the crowds,
White vase with black cracks,
Copper bands with hints of turquoise,
Interspersed with black vertical leaves.

Each one different,
Results never predictable,
Never to be reproduced,
Variables too complex.

Raku-fired pottery, treasured for its unpredictable color variation
Why can’t nature’s palette of skin color,
be likewise prized,
instead of despised?
SelinaSharday May 2018
EX'd Out!
Or Ex'iting
No matter what the who is or the they are.
And Why!
Finding ourselves in the
Ex'd out zone.
Balancing the tender spaces and delictae places.
We must be Ex'iting to fill our hands with better things.
Ex-employee..facing situations where your No longer..
in a top ranking position.
Coping, handling managing emotions.
Being in these tender places will make you stronger.
Failing to will cause you danger.
Being Ex'd Out can bring
Anger, fear feelings of rejection loss of hope..
Despair..pain within, anguish, turmoil, feeling like you can't cope.
Springing up emotions of hatred and bitterness.
Sowered things like unforgiveness..
rage and defeat.
Roots of loneliness and cravings so strong to regain
back again the place you were before all this began.
Soured..Its Time to move forward.
You have to be Ex'd out to move into new beginnings.
You have to Ex'it to seek the things much more perfect.
You don't have to see it as losing.
View it as Time to move to achieve your dreams.
If you needed to be Ex'd out for being corruptive.
Let the just live.
Allow em to live peacefully free from fear.
Free from any retaliation We have no right to rebel.
When someone wants our Ex'its from their situations.
Put your peaceful shoes on.. and move along.
Some Ex's have become harmfully dangerous.
It gives them no right to destroy any of us.
Cry to be delivered from evil..If being Ex'ed causes you pain.
Know the heart needs healing and is in critical condition.
Enter the spiritual ER emergency.
Until you can make a successful recovery.
Ex out all the negative..You have more life to live..
When you Ex'it successfully
Life has much more to give!
Writer SelinaSharday
S.A.M 2018
Constantly seeing more and more Ex's On the rampage. Making it a danger for innocent others. tragedies becoming commonplace. Its times to takes extra measures to doctor up the hearts and minds and prepare the souls for coping with being Ex'd out and or  Exiting the places you need to be removed from.
Terry Collett Sep 2017
Some poor sod
had it up the line:
his nerves went
or lost his way
in war's battlement,
was charged and shot
against some wall
by other soldiers down
from the Front.

But he'd been quite brave up
until then, boys in half a year
turned into men; bombs, mud,
lice and rats and all around
death in dark colours,
yet he'd seen and shouldered that
and sat and smoked and joked
like the rest- then something
turned him or he lost his way
in noise and shell.

Some poor sod lies
where other bodies lay
waiting silently
to be moved away.

Albert said no more on
that memory of war,
but sat and smoked
and waited for the chime
for dinner as he had before.
Firing squad in ww1
The Trumpoet May 2017
The FBI chief, Mr. Comey,
was loved by Trump like his best *****.
For he went around hintin'
about emails and Clinton,
making Trump fans excited and foamy.

But then Comey provided reflection
upon Trump aides and Russian connection.
Trump did protest and howl,
stamp his feet and cry foul,
for the tide has turned since the election.

Trump thinks Comey is guilty of slander,
though his Hillary probe raised no dander.
So I guess Trump's excuse
is what's good for the goose
simply does not apply to the gander!

So why Donald Trump am I hounding
through this verse and this poetic pounding?
It's Trump's hypocrisy
that so motivates me
and we're used to it!... That's what's astounding!
You can also see this and my other Trump poems at:
Link to video of this poem:
Written: May 11, 2017
bear Aug 2014
Its amazing how fast the world can change.
Its astonishing how something so similar
to a peace corps,
can turn into a firing squad
without even knowing about it.
how it can go from caring and understand,
to demanding and humiliating.
It has grown to extreme to control.
The fear of being shot to death if an argument starts,
and a strong chance you'll never get up.

Something so simple,
that might not even involve you,
can get you taken to the shooting range.
begging for forgiveness
or trying to rebel.
the firing squad knows no mercy.
not any more, anyways.

A man with little to no power
will stay with the peace corps.
will be there with open arms.
A man who demands power
will BE the firing squad.
will be there to break arms.

A man who asks himself the wrong questions.
Asking "why won't the corps help or stay with me ?"
As he continues to demand from others.

selfish. selfish man.

Why doesn't he ask himself the honest question:
"why did I leave?"

— The End —