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Emma Torp Oct 2020
Slippery wet
Sign of ecstasy
I summon it for you
Taste myself
And let you indulge too
Emma Torp Sep 2020
If a child only knows abuse they will act out later in life
They will not understand love and think that love with a relative or abusive spouse is normal.
Protect thy with wisdom first
Not love
defend what is true and admirable
Children are the future
So don’t tarnish them when they are young otherwise
They may come back to get revenge
Abuse, children, teach
Emma Torp Sep 2020
Moans of ecstasy at your caress
Gaping sighs at you sliding your finger under my dress
Soaring across all the right places
And stimulating my pleasure at the right places
Making you wait until at least a year
Who know my pleasure
It’s only you who would hear
You made me wet that i true
But who can hear my pleasure
It was still only you
For your reading pleasure
Emma Torp Sep 2020
I remember feeling in control and equal
I remember being daft about it in the movie theatre
Reckless and careless kneeling on ***** movie theatre floors without teeth
You exclaiming and explaining when ever I would use to much teeth
I don’t do that anymore
Mostly because of lockdown but because it is a different world today
There is civil unrest
the force has changed
There is civil unrest
The president has changed
We are no longer together and my mom is privy to me being reckless and in love
She did not wish to know the specific details
But she heard them all the same
I lied I did swallow
And I instantly regretted the taste in my mouth
We never made love and we never got married
In fact teachers made our love get buried.
It was a great relationship to start out
Now you know what my love was about.
Highly explicit, my first relationship with my boyfriend

— The End —