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Star BG Jan 2020
He is a quiet man,
but sure can move on dance floor.

He’s a simple man,
but is filled with grand wisdom.

He be a shy man,
so don't ask him to sing to a crowd.

He's a big talker not,
but his actions speak louder than words.

She is a quiet woman,
who appreciates simple things in life.

She’s a simple woman,
brought up the old fashioned way.

She be ashy woman,
preferring to stay at home rather than party.

She's not big talker,
but when she speaks people listen.

He is a quiet man,
but ***** in bed.

He’s a simple man,
who loves nature walks.

He be a shy man,
so plan no surprise party.

He's no big talker,
but sure can write a grand ditty.

HE believes in fairytales of love
SHE believes fairy tales of love
THEY are living happily ever after.
Inspired by Peter Lim. I value our connection
Ruheen Jan 2020
Say too much
But do
Even less.
It's enough
To make
Me hate
They do
But I know,
They hate
They do
Mean everything
And everything
And more.
But they
Mean nothing
To me,
Even less
Than before.
Because they
Are sinking
In my eyes
They are drowning
In a pool
As shallow
As their souls.
Everyone else.
But me.
As well as a few other select people.
It's not really everyone else. Just mostly the people around me.
I honestly don't know. It's late. I'm tired.
Colm Nov 2019
When I used to think about you
It was was with the warmth and intrigue of a friendly fireplace
The distant respect of a nightlong star in the bright sky
But now it is only the cold ash and glowing cloud
Which consumes my night in the direction of you
For you are no longer in mind of mine
And I am no longer am to you
Memories do fade. Thank God. LOL.

From the Midnight Wood Series
Alexander Daniel Nov 2019
Trapped in this vantablack room
There’s got to be a key somewhere
But Where?
Why do I want to leave this place????
The Isolation has been oh so nice....
I came here feeling strong, confident, powerful
Now I am nothing other than a pasty white corpse
A Corpse that has nothing to give because I have only taken
I desired lust and what I thought would lead to love

Karma got the best of me

I forgot to love myself
If I don’t relearn how to love myself then I will be trapped in this purgatory
Okay just one step before the other….
Ugh I just fell and cut my hand….
Well there goes that opportunity
I will just go back from where I came
Not like anyone every loved me the way I love them….
Is that a voice?
“Woah hi what are you doing here????”
I was looking for some *****…..
Well I am sorry but we don’t have that here

It looks like you found the key to my heart…
Thank you so much…..
I cant imagine where I would be without you being here today
I couldve been lost forever if you didn’t show up today
“At the very least can I get your name?”
“I am Danielle”
One Year Later
“Danielle will you marry me?”
Colm Nov 2019
Volley with the moon
A ball
Stretch as horizons
Stretching out
Leap until the stars, your ears
Are all about
And never fall
Push back the creeping ground
When you’re tall, be tall
And strong
When your voice is alive with song
Sing loud
And when they say, your hammer strike has lost its might
Pour down a rain of blows like a bursting cloud
Showing all the might and rush of youth
In a Springtime unexpected so soon
No anvil ever lived without a thousand strikes
Or snowfall ever cared for open eyes
Because where you see them looking up
Strike, with a forceful meaningful down
As if we were never meant to be
Anything but alive
Arise, and find your former self
Awake alive, your hammer rise
Wow, this one really exploded off the tongue. I don't usually do this, but here's what it means to me.

The dots show progression, a line by line growth of boldness and spirit.

As for the individual sentences - You should practice often, and stretch regularly in reflection. Dreaming for yourself, big dreams (this is the best way to live). And in your pursuit, you shouldn't be calling a failure a failure. Instead push back and learn from your mistakes. When you are something, embrace it. When you have cause for joy, be joyful. And when your joy is contested; push back and battle through adversity. Show the hungry newcomers that their youth is no match for your seasoned fire. Just as no winner has ever won anything, first without the loss. And when the time comes to execute, let yourself be free to unleash fury. Competing with a vengeance that'll show you your body, mind and soul aligned. Here I call you to action, my most passionate self. Arise.

I love competing.
Mari Nov 2019
Am I losing my strength?
Are they getting stronger?
Or maybe both.
MicMag Sep 2019
tonight i vow                         
not to stay up too late
tonight i vow                         
to eliminate hate
tonight i vow                         
to self-motivate

to take another step
on the path to being great

to be great at what?               
tonight i ask
am i in a rut?               
tonight i ask
need a kick in the ****?               
tonight i ask

but i'm choosing to get better
not a mandated task

they all say                         
take it step by step
they all say                         
improve yourself today
they all say                         
practice makes perfect

but perfection's not my goal
just wanna live the right way

so what's up next?               
they all inquire
are you feeling the effects?               
they all inquire
can you avoid becoming hexed?               
they all inquire

cause apparently life's risky
when you're always climbing higher

so i ask myself tonight
what i'll promise another day
taking into account
their inquiries and what they say

but in the end i won't have been
wrongly led astray
cause when push comes to shove
listen to the "i", not the "they"
I structured this based on the main inputs directing my life - questions and advice:
1. I tell myself things.
2. I question myself.
3. Others tell me things.
4. Others question me.

Input from others is important but in the end, I have to listen to my own voice above the others.
Esther L Krenzin Sep 2019
some of us are born
with a brokenness
that warps spines
thins blood
and harbors diseases
even the doctors cant diagnose.
Esther L. Krenzin
Astraea Sep 2019
You hexed me into a trance,
filling every available crevice
in my body
of what I thought was

I managed to swallow the silk from
your white lies

How dangerously sweet they were

You plucked each thread which
held my songbird heart together,
playing me twice for a fool (shame on me)
its sad
like you push them away
but did they ever even wanna stay
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