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  Oct 13 deyrah
Do not dare bury me in a box to rot
Plant me in a garden
Where roots can grow in my veins
Or wash me into the sea
And let my lungs fill with her waters
Let fire immortalize me
And watch my ashes leap into the stars
But a box
Ohh no
That was never meant for me
deyrah Oct 11
She wore moonlight, like a ball gown.
While the illumination dripped from above.
Her quintessential eloquence, brought her naked lips, looking like delicacy for a gourmet.
Her eyes gazing at the sky, looking like a shooting star, except going up.
If 'beauty' was a human, she'd be an exaggeration to the word.
A sound of her voice could calm the tsunami heading for east asia,
and when she calls my name, it feels like I've only heard it for the first time...
She used to be mine.
But she's gone, like the shooting star.
And i never made a wish.
deyrah Oct 10
I am that which can see, but is unseen, by those that see!
I am the cute bunny covered in dust, left by the toddler, who's now a teenager.
I am the wall, built around Jericho.
Yet i fall with a shout.
I am the one who decides, yet I'm the choice yhu cannot choose.
I am the un-loved, for those who crave love to look upon, yet i don't deserve love.
I provide joy for the faint of hearts, and uplift the depressed.
Yet I'm in solitude, having conversations, with my taciturn mind.
I am the ghost who is haunted by the living.
I fear, that one day...
I'll be forgotten.
deyrah Oct 2
It's nothing personal...
Yet! These days, i feel, like,
Love is a waste of time.
deyrah Sep 29
Without remorse...
I have danced with the feeling of neglect, and toyed with self pressure over others, on what they could perceive me to become.

I slowly become what I'm not.
And lose sense of self, daily, now I've prided myself with failure, as it has become the only thing constant in my life.
I want to move forward, but i do not know the way.
My thoughts betray me, as I'm an over-thinker, on... Well "everything"
I die while living, now my future has been placed on hold.
And now my present, presents me with constant responsibilities.
I think l, I'm beginning to hate my life.
Surrounded by lots of people.
Yet i feel, utter loneliness.
deyrah Sep 17
I can be on your own level
And flirt, and make small talks.
And laugh!
Be petty even...
But if you spit the "love" talk towards me.
I'm killing your vibes.
My frequency doesn't come up,
On your radio channels.
deyrah Sep 16
I do not feel...
like myself,
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