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deyrah Apr 15
It's not fair, and I know he's our maker, but it's not fair!
I'm jealous that he made you and saw you before me!
I'm jealous that you talk to God more than me!
I don't mean any blaspheming, but I want to be omnipresent to your eyes.
Through your eyes, you may see me as God!
I'm jealous that the first words you uttered weren't my name, you see I like how you call my name, how the letters roll down your tongue.
I'm jealous of myself for not seeing you nearly enough!
I'm jealous your mum spent more time with you before you existed!
I'm jealous that other men come up to you, I mean look at you!
Oh the sun rays, the brittle gentle touch of the wind on your skin, I'm even jealous that you touch your body more than I do!
I'm so jealous...
deyrah Mar 18
Every conscious breath
Every lingering desire...
Every tale where you are in it
You are my colour, my tribe, my culture.
My very tradition, you are my religion.
I'll offer worship and piety to you
You are my present and the only future I see!
You are my life style, without you my life would be without style
I'm not blaspheming here, but you are my god!
If my heart was dusted for prints, they find yours stamped there!
My lips would endlessly run dry without your kisses.
Replace all your characters in all your favorite books with me!
I could play with words all day, but the truth is you're just stunning...
So baby, call me... anytime!
And I'll come running
deyrah Mar 8
I often think of the words Ellen Everett left behind.
"If you're looking for forever
I'll take the batteries out of my clock so that we'll be stuck inside this moment, as if time really stopped!
I would tell you I love every second, except here seconds do not exist! So I'll say ' I love you ' with each breath, each smile, with each kiss! And when I die you can crank your watch, restart the clocks, begin the time and know that we were infinite in the moment that you were mine...
deyrah Feb 9
There's sentiment in the way you talk
In every breath I watch you take.
You exist in me, in the words, the sounds and even in colours!
They say "love is blind"
And if so...
I'd like to love you in braille.
deyrah Jan 31
A heart does not break
It just slowly fades away...
It fades everytime it hurts
deyrah Jan 21
I may not have all the experiences in the world...
But I know love
And I know pain

So even if there's pain in love!
I'll still choose love!
deyrah Jan 15
I'm certain now that I'm here
I haven't made a mistake, at least not one I'm aware!
Smart people don't fall in love, not really!
So call me stupid for trying to die with you...
I love you stupidly, I love you egotistically, I love you sentimentally.

If I should live, you'd have to be in it, if I live while you die, I'd be incomplete with a hole.
It'll sting and endlessly burn like brimstone and coal
So let me die with you, I'd rather be wholesome with you in death, than be empty in a life where you don't exist!

Let us complete each other in the absence of life!
I love you even in death
I love the way we'll die close to each other.
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