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deyrah 1d
Can someone...
Just tell me "i love you"
Even if it's a lie??
I'm in need of loving
deyrah 3d
I don't do poetry 'cause i was forced to.
I don't write 'cause I've got hands too.
I don't do poetry 'cause i want attention.
I don't write 'cause I've got lyrics and dedication.
I don't do poetry 'cause i want people to see.
I don't write cause my words are as vast as the sea.
I do poetry because i can be me, and i write because in those moments.
Nothing else matters.
It's like a twisted relationship between my mind, and the universe, the ink. And the paper, it's like I'm complete, in an incomplete way.
#poetry is the essence of life
deyrah 3d
You are sad when i get sad.
Sad when I'm fine.
Also sad when I'm happy!
Cause you aren't the source of any of it.
deyrah Aug 4
What if i said i could raise the dead??
What if i said i could take your pain away??
What if i could help the angels carry your blessings for you.
What if i could answer all your prayers.
What if i could end your nights??
What if i could be in your dreams.
Make your nightmares, just mare nights.
What if...
What if i said i loved you.
Would you come to love me back?
What if i died for you??
Would all your sins fade away??
What if i was god, would you pray to me?
    ...No love here...
deyrah Jul 31
Gave mankind will.
But want us to still do your bidding.
Sometimes, in myself, i feel like I'm not myself.
Maybe the image of self, is a delusion of one's other self.
What if i was the alter ego, and it was the real self??
What if mankind wasn't created in the image of gods,
What if gods was formed out of the image of man??
They say gods are born out of wishes.
So, tell me. Who wished first.
Are we made for gods, or were they made for us??
Cause it feels like mine has abandoned me.
Or was it i, that abandoned him??
I'm terribly sorry, if this will **** a lot of people off.
deyrah Jul 31
According to michealangelo!
"A woman's heart has to be with god, so that a man, may seek him.
To find her"!
But what if??
Just what if... What if her god's dead??
Does that make my search in vain??
Lost love!
No love here!
deyrah Jul 30
I've been waiting on a sign!
But it seems like i need a new prayer!!
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