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deyrah Jan 20
Oh beautiful boy in denial...
Would you continue to hurt other girls??
Would you lie about your feelings??
Will you still put a smirk on your face, when she presses the cold razor blade on her skin, and watch it sink deep into her veins,
There as she bleeds out and think.
"I thought he was mine alone"
Call it stupid of her, but not everyone deals with hurt the right way.
Oh, there's no right way to deal with hurt.
Oh lover boy...
Would you continue to abuse the word
How many girls will that lie confuse until you're satisfied.
Then your own daughter!!
What about her!??
When someone as good or worse than you come for her.
What would you say?? Will she make pain her friend, or will she use a sharp blade to meet her end??
What about your daughter?? What about her??
deyrah Jan 20
As she started to trace her steps...
She discovered that she was back on the same trail.
The one that led to her fall.
Well, now she's back where she started.
On the ground again.
And trying to fake a smile
Was like trying to heal a scar with a bandage.
She was a girl in passing...
She was a lady in limbo, and although other people see her.
She does not see them.
Even with her love for bright colors, she couldn't find the grey area in her pain.
Her love was lost!
deyrah Dec 2022
"If the doves symbolize peace and calmness.
Women symbolize a perfect blend of complicated and simple natured."

After a while, she'll accept you on her own!
Put in those efforts though, you cannot make her not see you as other guys...
She'll choose that on her own, you'll never know the exact mode, and even when you do, you still might be wrong.
They want to be understood, but hate it when you understand all of them.
Let them feel vulnerable in your arms and hope that you're strong and caring enough to not let them break.
Women trust you even if they know you'll hurt them.
Well some.
deyrah Dec 2022
Like the butterfly's wings, if you listen carefully, you can hear her heart speaking in unknown tongues.

"She has all her walls up"
You have no idea of things she had to go through, to make her build those up
The constant hurt
The road to rebuilding her self-esteem that she gave out, and got broken shards of different part of herself.
Her walls need to be up, so despicable excuses for humans like most men won't get her.
They won't inflict the hurt, the one that made her hurt.
The hurt connected to her "opening up" personality.
You should respect her decision.
Stay away.
deyrah Dec 2022
Her eyes, look like dawn in a very bad mood.
Het smile takes the mind places the body wouldn't think existed.

Women can be a natural blend of crazy and an unnatural blend of warmth, but they mic so well.
"Look at her clothes, isn't it a bit too revealing??" Close your eyes then.
It's alright to stare, but when it becomes a stare with intent,
With lust...
With a judgemental glare!
That's the line, she's free to wear whatever and whenever!
Respect her body!!
Respect her personality under those clothes you think are coquettish on her.
Stay your away your fetish
By the way, why do you get to have a say??
deyrah Dec 2022
It must have been the illuminating light from Lucifer's fall.
She radiated beauty
I don't think I'll need a radioactive detox.

A woman, such strong-fragile existences.
Passive to their stubborn nature although not all...
Doesn't give a man the right to impose or not respect their wishes.
If she gives her heart to you, do not arrest her with cardiac.
She should be treated like the sun when there's winter.
And like the sea breeze when it's summer.
Never neglect her feelings and opinion.
After all they brought us out the garden. They can do more!
deyrah Nov 2022
Was there ever a time when you felt like you needed to get away?
When you were left alone in your head?
Where you kept feeling like the world was against you.
Sending you trials and tribulations, making your efforts, effortless.
Depression pressing on you, like a compressed load of oppressed dialogues, without a single sense in it?

Take all of those!
I think... No! I feel all of those now.
But I cannot tell it to the world.
They'll think that I'm a girl in my head!
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