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deyrah 1d
As he gazed up to the sky...
He discovered, that he has only ever been looking at t, and not seeing t.
He wept...
Things we take for granted...
deyrah 4d
She skillfully watched as her happiness danced away.
And slowly as she found comfort in despair.
For hope was now a distant memory.
deyrah 7d
They said, that water z colorless.
So if the tears were the water of the heart.
Then why was her own red...

They say true love never dies...
But please explain to me, why she's trying to become a necromancer.
deyrah Aug 14
He said he'd stay with her forever.
But he left...
Her hope left her in despair.
If there was any color or thing darker than black.
Then that's where her heart would be placed.
She's in a league of her own, yet with a shattered heart, she still loves.
When a woman loves... Even the heavens shake.
deyrah Aug 13
Knock, knock!!
Love does not live here anymore... Pain just moved in.
Agony z now the next door neighbors.
The despair calls out to the little ray of hope, found none left.
Anger became a companion.
The tears became sweet. And even sweeter the more i thought about t.
Knock, knock!
Who's there??
deyrah Aug 13
How can i be standing here with yhu, and be lonely...
deyrah Aug 3
Cold hands, sweats flying over, touching the bed, struggling with the lack of air, and with the absolute want for yhu to let me go. I mean, i should have seen this coming...
But one's never prepared for something like this, yhu stained the sheets, with the struggles yhu put on, just so yhu could put t in. Yhu turned taciturn to my pleas and tears, yhu took me over, and over again. Till t wasn't a tease, why?? Z what i kept asking in my mind. I really wanted to tell someone, but who'd believe me??
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