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Seanathon Nov 2019
Volley with the moon
A ball
Stretch as horizons
Stretching out
Leap until the stars, your ears
Are all about
And never fall
Push back the creeping ground
When you’re tall, be tall
And strong
When your voice is alive with song
Sing loud
And when they say, your hammer strike has lost its might
Pour down a rain of blows like a bursting cloud
Showing all the might and rush of youth
In a Springtime unexpected so soon
No anvil ever lived without a thousand strikes
Or snowfall ever cared for open eyes
Because where you see them looking up
Strike, with a forceful meaningful down
As if we were never meant to be
Anything but alive
Arise, and find your former self
Awake alive, your hammer rise
Wow, this one really exploded off the tongue. I don't usually do this, but here's what it means to me.

The dots show progression, a line by line growth of boldness and spirit.

As for the individual sentences - You should practice often, and stretch regularly in reflection. Dreaming for yourself, big dreams (this is the best way to live). And in your pursuit, you shouldn't be calling a failure a failure. Instead push back and learn from your mistakes. When you are something, embrace it. When you have cause for joy, be joyful. And when your joy is contested; push back and battle through adversity. Show the hungry newcomers that their youth is no match for your seasoned fire. Just as no winner has ever won anything, first without the loss. And when the time comes to execute, let yourself be free to unleash fury. Competing with a vengeance that'll show you your body, mind and soul aligned. Here I call you to action, my most passionate self. Arise.

I love competing.
Seanathon Nov 2019
When you decide to fight
To battle back against the night and it's dying ways
Having seen the light which comes anew
To trump the lights of ever eave
When you've decided no longer to RUN but to BE
You will become as one
With every memory and hopeful dream
Which your childlike self ever dared to dream
When I was a kid, I dreamed of creating worlds and winning championships. BIG dreams for such a growing kid. And now I can say that I've been doing both of those things. (:

That's what this first verse in this series of three is about. Letting go of any worry and just completing. Giving it your all without fear of outcome and then being able to accept the results of that competition.

Stop running. Start being.

You'll never lose that way.
Anya Sep 2018
My best friend was mine
Before the snooty girl stole her away
With the lure of a stupid fashion show instead of doing gymnastics on the bars
During recess
Like I wanted
What’s wrong with gymnastics!?

My first crush was mine
Before he got a BOY best friend
And then he picked HIM instead of ME to cut the cake
He was mine first!

She brought in a dream catcher
To class
I watched it’s beautiful blue beads and
As it’s feathers were softly ruffled by the wind
But it was hers, only her nightmares were blocked
I have nightmares too!

They like her more then me
They laugh at what she says
They don’t care what I say
People look at her
They listen to her
Not me

In math class
She always wins the games
And gets all the candy
She’s the fastest
Cause she’s got all her facts memorized
Faster than me!


has best friends
get their crushes
has awesomer stuff than me
are cooler than me
are smarter than me
are better than me
are better than me
are better than me

My god,
what a distorted perception of the world I’ve had!
nim May 2018
The eclipse lasts shortly,
And the moon shines
Merely because of the Sun's rays.
The moon may be gorgeous,
But everything it got
Was a gift from Sun.
Without it's gold spreading across the sky,
The moon is invisible.

That's why a Moon
Could never compete with a Sun.
This poem was a respond to Sky who wrote Eclipse, hope you like it. ♥
The moon shines only because it reflects Sun's light, remember that.
one is so glad
for not being a member
of his harem
exclusion from the inner sanctum
gives one a good perspective
on the everyday doings
between his adoring ladies
one oft sees them bickering
over his attention
the females appear
to be competing
at a super-human rate
hoping he'll send a flashing wink
their way
the sheik
has many choices
his tent
Julie Grenness Oct 2016
How shall I survive this thought train?
I did not get to the Paris Fashion Show again,
Now  I can't compete with Kim Kardashian,
A big blow to my self-esteem,
Not worthy of fashion, I am deemed,
No couture in Paris for me,
I'm not exactly snivelling, you see,
Is there any other news on TV?
So, did not go to Paris Fashion again
Don't even want to compete with Kim Kardashian!!!!
How do I survive this thought train?
Feedback welcome.
Marnelli Abian Mar 2014
A love where you’re









Is nothing.

The worst kind of love is where

You’re waiting…

For that one message

For all these not to happen

All over again.

— The End —