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ADS Sep 6
I feel in the wrong
I have been swallowing my heart
Torn between what is and what could be
I wish I didn't feel this way
I don't feel broken
But oddly incomplete
Why do you feel like the missing piece
My wife  already loves me endlessly
Yet I constantly daydream about us three
ADS Aug 20
one warm summer night
you and I were strangers
our minds danced the night away
while your soul ignited mine
Love you Danielle!
ADS Aug 18
I use to think three was a crowd
Slowly you came into our lives
Quickly you stole our time
When you are around
Hours turned into minutes
Every weekend wasn't long enough
How I long for those times
ADS Aug 16
Growing up I was always told I was a great listener
Oh how I have strayed from that time of late
Sorry for I never felt heard until now
Lately, I haven't been a great listener when communicating with friends lately. I am just so excited to share more about myself since I have never felt heard nor felt like others cared.
ADS Aug 2
you taught me how to tie my shoes
yet they still come undone from time to time
no blame or shame in that
yet you continue to try and tie me down with
your own insecurities
your lack of community
your lack of self-worth

it's not my job to untie your knots
because I am still trying to take apart mine
these knots have been a part of me for far too long

sometimes I wonder what life would be like
if someone else taught me how to tie my shoes
ADS Jul 31
light blues dancing with shades of white
sunflowers happily singing in delight
gentle rays of light dancing over you and I
please don't leave there is so much more to see
let's go see the big oak trees swinging in the breeze
or the salty seas filled with endless possibilities
life with you feels so free and puts me at ease
please don't leave

here's my garden I have tended to my whole life
composed of sweet dreams and lovely memories
please take a stroll with me
for I don't get much company

these flowers ground me when I am feeling lonely
for they don't critique me
they love me for being me
still, I continue planting seeds
hoping I bloom into someone others see

oh how silly
wanting to be perceived
maybe I am just lonely
please don't leave
ADS Jul 27
Dreams Quieting
Hollow Ideas Consuming
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