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substitute your mind for the divine presence
open you eyes and gaze upon the unknown
I speak for a plethora of overgrown gardens
are we cartons of cigarettes or bundles of sweetgrass
answers like these are never necessary
yet we borrow everything from life's apothecary
i am among the tired lions
who offer their music to your dynasties
its a weekend campaign finance escapade
to bring farms to your table and then go back to the basics
i wish you could see the benefits
that only exist beyond these earthly dimensions
for limits expand whenever we question them

I give thanks for the earth
i give thanks for the trees
i give thanks for the mother
i give thanks for the bees
i give thanks for the soil
i give thanks for the work
i give thanks for the passion
i give thanks for the hurt
i give thanks for the smiles
i give thanks for the children
i give thanks for the flowers
i give thanks for the silence
i give thanks for the power
i give thanks for the rain
i give thanks for the sunshine
i give thanks for the pain
i give thanks for the anger
i give thanks for the rage
i give thanks for the strength
to never separate myself from you
I just wanted to say thanks
thanks for caring
thanks for sharing
thanks for dreaming
thanks for scheming
thanks for living
thanks for giving
thanks for believing
thanks for achieving
thanks for adoring
thanks for exploring
thanks for being
thanks for seeing
thanks for doing

*January 21, 2011
Give thanks for your Family

Give thanks for your Water

Give thanks for your Body

Give thanks for the Earth

Give thanks for the Air

Give thanks for Others

Give thanks for Mind

Give thanks for Food

Give thanks for Life

Give thanks for Fire

Give thanks for Art

Whatever it is
for which you give thanks,
I beseech of us all:
just please show
some respect and gratitude!

I was sitting as a bride
I was waiting for my groom
I was wearing my bridal dress
I was adorn with gold jewelry
I was about to venture
Into the brand new world of
Bride and Groom- and honeymoon
Excited, fantasizing, eager...

And there YOU come
And our LOVE happens...

You took away my heart
With just a little glance of your LOVE
Just when I was about to get married

I left the ceremony
And was ready to run away with you
Thanks to your little glint glance

I broke all the traditions
I broke the glass bangles
The removed the red "tilak"
I pulled away the marigold garland
Thanks to a little glance of your LOVE
When I felt your LOVE within me

I disobeyed my family,
I argued with my friends
I resigned from my job
I fought with my inner demons
I made enemy of my intelligence
YES, thanks to a little glance of your LOVE

Since I could not be with YOU...
I wore a black dress, alternatively with white,
People thought I was your widow now
I stopped eating and went on fasting
I walked a 1000 miles to be with you
Thanks to a little glance of your LOVE

I walked away from life
I stayed awake at nights
I dreamed during day time
I climbed the Himalayas
I drowned within the Pacific
I burned myself in Sahara
I froze in Arctic
And that's how I melt within YOU

Thanks to a little glance of your LOVE

I lost sense of learning
I gave up my education
I donated my knowledge
I stopped reading books
I burned my school/ college certificates

Thanks to a little glance of your LOVE

I held your hand without fear
I hugged you in front of our family
I kissed you in front of the world
Just to walk away with you
Desiring to live a moment of LOVE with you

Thanks to YOUR little glance of your LOVE

I gave up drugs, smoking, drinking
I gave up harm, hurt, hate
I gave up jealousy, envy and pride
I gave up wealth, money and power

Thanks to a little glance of your LOVE

I gave up my life for YOU
I gave up my everything for you
I gave up my dreamz for you
I even gave up my desires for YOU
That's how... - thus I became YOU

Thanks to a little glance of your LOVE

I live for you and I die for you
I breathe my last for you
I feel you in my bone marrow
YOUR love moves my nerves
YOU run as blood in my veins

Thanks to a little glance of your LOVE

I became young in your LOVE
I became old in your wait
I became alone without YOU
I became wise with your wisdom
I became mad in your longing
I went through so much pain of LOVE
By the way...
YOU kept on giving so much joys of LOVE too

Thanks to a little glance of your LOVE

YOU took away my name
YOU took away my identity
YOU took away my gender
YOU took away my self
YOU took away my EGO
YOU took away me from me

Thanks to a little glance of your LOVE

I slept on the pyre of fire
I jumped into the ocean of flames
Now I wear a new bridal dress for you
From a run-away-bride to

Thanks to a little glance of your LOVE

broken poet  May 2018
broken poet May 2018
i say it over and over again
thanks        thanks         thanks
If you need me i’m here
thanks        thanks         thanks
You don’t have to but if you wanna talk
thanks        thanks         thanks
That’s really powerful do you need to talk i’m here you do
thanks        thanks       thanks
Ankit J Chheda Nov 2012
Thanks for the smiles,
Thanks for the laughs,
Thanks for the gifts,
Thanks for the special moments,
Thanks for the sorrows, I’m sorry for the ones I gave,
Thanks for the help,
Thanks for teaching me all I know,
Thanks for pushing me so I could get here,
Thanks for being my world,
Thanks for the memories,
I hope to cherish them in the afterlife,
Thanks for making my life precious, worth living,
Goodbye till I see you next time,
I hope to see you some day in another life.
President Snow Dec 2016
To the guy who left me before Christmas,

Thanks for leaving me.
Thanks for making all the Christmas Lights fade.
Thanks for making me wish on Santa Claus again.
Thanks for making me not believe in the Christmas magic again.
Thanks for making all the colors fade.
You made them black and white, so now I know what's white Christmas is.
Thanks for hoping that you'll come and join me under these mistletoes.
Thanks for making me alone before Christmas.
Thanks for making me celebrate it alone.
Thanks for shattering my heart before Christmas.
Thanks for everything.
Thanks for the pain.
Thank you.
Thank you for the much more colder Christmas Eve.

*You really made it the most memorable and unforgettable Christmas.
Thank you for the box of tears you sent me.
Shout out lang sa lalaking bumabalik sakin para paasahin ulit ako. Gagawan kita ng tula. Wait for it. Pakyu ka.
KM  Sep 2013
I want to say Thanks
KM Sep 2013
Thanks for making me feel like ****.

Thanks for making me feel insignificant,

Thanks for showing me that no matter how bad it is, it can always get worse.

Thanks for letting me know that I will always have to fix all of my problems by myself.

Thanks for not letting me hit rock bottom, just keep digging that hole and let me keep falling.

Thanks for filling me with useless hope that I could be a better person only to be reminded of all my failures.

Thanks for taking me off that pedestal only to throw me in the garbage.

Thanks for tossing me in the air, only to let me hit the ground and shatter into a million pieces

Thanks for just sweeping them to the side along with the dirt on the floor.


AAron Roz  May 2018
AAron Roz May 2018
Music is loud or quiet.
Music is soft or heavy.
Music can have meaning or not.
Music can be nothing or everything.
Music is:
◾Art Punk
◾Alternative Rock
◾College Rock
◾Crossover Thrash (thx Kevin G)
◾Crust Punk (thx Haug)
◾Experimental Rock
◾Folk Punk
◾Goth / Gothic Rock
◾******* Punk
◾Hard Rock
◾Indie Rock
◾Lo-fi (hat tip to Ben Vee Bedlamite)
◾New Wave
◾Progressive Rock
◾Shoegaze (with thx to Jackie Herrera)
◾Steampunk (with thx to Christopher Schaeffer)

•Blues ◾Acoustic Blues
◾Chicago Blues
◾Classic Blues
◾Contemporary Blues
◾Country Blues
◾Delta Blues
◾Electric Blues
◾Ragtime Blues (cheers GFS)

•Children’s Music ◾Lullabies

•Classical ◾Avant-Garde
◾Chamber Music
◾Classical Crossover
◾Contemporary Classical (thx Julien Palliere)
◾Early Music
◾Expressionist (thx Mr. Palliere)
◾High Classical
◾Modern Composition
◾Romantic (early period)
◾Romantic (later period)
◾Wedding Music

•Comedy ◾Novelty
◾Standup Comedy
◾Vaudeville (cheers Ben Vee Bedlamite)

•Commercial (thank you Sheldon Reynolds) ◾Jingles
◾TV Themes

•Country ◾Alternative Country
◾Contemporary Bluegrass
◾Contemporary Country
◾Country Gospel
◾Country Pop (thanks Sarah Johnson)
◾***** Tonk
◾Outlaw Country
◾Traditional Bluegrass
◾Traditional Country
◾Urban Cowboy

•Dance (EDM – Electronic Dance Music – see Electronic below – with thx to Eric Shaffer-Whiting & Drew :-)) ◾Club / Club Dance (thx Luke Allfree)
◾Breakbeat / Breakstep
◾Brostep (cheers Tom Berckley)
◾Chillstep (thx Matt)
◾Deep House (cheers Venus Pang)
◾Electro House (thx Luke Allfree)
◾Future Garage (thx Ran’dom Haug)
◾Glitch Hop (cheers Tom Berckley)
◾Glitch Pop (thx Ran’dom Haug)
◾Grime (thx Ran’dom Haug / Matthew H)
◾Hard Dance
◾Hi-NRG / Eurodance
◾Horrorcore (thx Matt)
◾Jackin House (with thx to Jermaine Benjamin Dale Bruce)
◾Jungle / Drum’n’bass
◾Liquid Dub(thx Ran’dom Haug)
◾Regstep (thanks to ‘Melia G)
◾Speedcore (cheers Matt)
◾Trap (thx Luke Allfree)

•Easy Listening ◾Bop

•Electronic ◾2-Step (thx Ran’dom Haug)
◾8bit – aka 8-bit, Bitpop and Chiptune – (thx Marcel Borchert)
◾Bassline (thx Leon Oliver)
◾Chillwave(thx Ran’dom Haug)
◾Chiptune (kudos to Dominik Landahl)
◾Crunk (with thx to Jillian Edwards)
◾Drum & Bass (thx Luke Allfree)
◾Electro-swing (thank you Daniel Forthofer)
◾Electronic Rock
◾Hardstyle (kudos to Dominik Landahl)
◾Trip Hop (thank you Michael Tait Tafoya)

•French Pop
•German Folk
•German Pop
•Fitness & Workout
•Hip-Hop/Rap ◾Alternative Rap
◾***** South
◾East Coast Rap
◾Gangsta Rap
◾******* Rap
◾Latin Rap
◾Old School Rap
◾Turntablism (thank you Luke Allfree)
◾Underground Rap
◾West Coast Rap

•Holiday ◾Chanukah
◾Christmas: Children’s
◾Christmas: Classic
◾Christmas: Classical
◾Christmas: Comedy
◾Christmas: Jazz
◾Christmas: Modern
◾Christmas: Pop
◾Christmas: R&B
◾Christmas: Religious
◾Christmas: Rock
◾Holiday: Other

•Indie Pop
•Inspirational – Christian & Gospel ◾CCM
◾Christian Metal
◾Christian Pop
◾Christian Rap
◾Christian Rock
◾Classic Christian
◾Contemporary Gospel
◾Christian & Gospel
◾Praise & Worship
◾Qawwali (with thx to Jillian Edwards)
◾Southern Gospel
◾Traditional Gospel

•Instrumental ◾March (Marching Band)

•J-Pop ◾J-Rock

•Jazz ◾Acid Jazz (with thx to Hunter Nelson)
◾Avant-Garde Jazz
◾Bebop (thx Mwinogo1)
◾Big Band
◾Blue Note (with thx to Jillian Edwards)
◾Contemporary Jazz
◾Crossover Jazz
◾Ethio-jazz (with thx to Jillian Edwards)
◾Gypsy Jazz (kudos to Mike Tait Tafoya)
◾Hard Bop
◾Latin Jazz
◾Mainstream Jazz
◾Smooth Jazz
◾Trad Jazz

•Latin ◾Alternativo & Rock Latino
◾Argentine tango (gracias P. Moth & Sandra Sanders)
◾Baladas y Boleros
◾Bossa Nova (with thx to Marcos José Sant’Anna Magalhães & Alex Ede for the reclassification)
◾Contemporary Latin
◾Cumbia (gracias Richard Kemp)
◾Flamenco / Spanish Flamenco (thank you Michael Tait Tafoya & Sandra Sanders)
◾Latin Jazz
◾Nuevo Flamenco (and again Michael Tafoya)
◾Pop Latino
◾Portuguese fado (and again Sandra Sanders)
◾Reggaeton y Hip-Hop
◾Regional Mexicano
◾Salsa y Tropical

•New Age ◾Environmental

•Pop ◾Adult Contemporary
◾Bubblegum Pop (thx Haug & John Maher)
◾Chamber Pop (thx Haug)
◾Dance Pop
◾Dream Pop (thx Haug)
◾Electro Pop (thx Haug)
◾Orchestral Pop (thx Haug)
◾Pop Punk (thx Makenzie)
◾Power Pop (thx Haug)
◾Soft Rock
◾Synthpop (thx Haug)
◾Teen Pop

•R&B/Soul ◾Contemporary R&B
◾Disco (not a top level genre Sheldon Reynolds!)
◾Doo ***
◾Modern Soul (Cheers Nik)
◾Northern Soul (Cheers Nik & John Maher)
◾Psychedelic Soul (thank you John Maher)
◾Quiet Storm
◾Soul Blues (Cheers Nik)
◾Southern Soul (Cheers Nik)

•Reggae ◾2-Tone (thx GFS)
◾Roots Reggae

•Rock ◾Acid Rock (with thanks to Alex Antonio)
◾Adult-Oriented Rock (thanks to John Maher)
◾Afro Punk
◾Adult Alternative
◾Alternative Rock (thx Caleb Browning)
◾American Trad Rock
◾Anatolian Rock
◾Arena Rock
◾Art Rock
◾British Invasion
◾**** Rock
◾Death Metal / Black Metal
◾Doom Metal (thx Kevin G)
◾Glam Rock
◾Gothic Metal (fits here Sam DeRenzis – thx)
◾Grind Core
◾Hair Metal
◾Hard Rock
◾Math Metal (cheers Kevin)
◾Math Rock (thx Ran’dom Haug)
◾Metal Core (thx Ran’dom Haug)
◾Noise Rock (genre – Japanoise – thx Dominik Landahl)
◾Jam Bands
◾Post Punk (thx Ben Vee Bedlamite)
◾Prog-Rock/Art Rock
◾Progressive Metal (thx Ran’dom Haug)
◾Rock & Roll
◾Rockabilly (it’s here Mark Murdock!)
◾Roots Rock
◾Southern Rock
◾Spazzcore (thx Haug)
◾Stoner Metal (duuuude)
◾Technical Death Metal (cheers Pierre)
◾Time Lord Rock (Trock) ~ (thanks to ‘Melia G)
◾Trash Metal (thanks to Pierre A)

•Singer/Songwriter ◾Alternative Folk
◾Contemporary Folk
◾Contemporary Singer/Songwriter
◾Indie Folk (with thanks to Andrew Barrett)
◾Love Song (Chanson – merci Marcel Borchert)
◾New Acoustic
◾Traditional Folk

•Soundtrack ◾Foreign Cinema
◾Movie Soundtrack (thanks Julien)
◾Original Score
◾TV Soundtrack

•Spoken Word
•Tex-Mex / Tejano (with thx to Israel Lopez) ◾Chicano
◾Conjunto Progressive
◾New Mex

•Vocal ◾A cappella (with kudos to Sheldon Reynolds)
◾Barbershop (with thx to Kelly Chism)
◾Doo-*** (with thx to Bradley Thompson)
◾Gregorian Chant (hat tip to Deborah Knight-Nikifortchuk)
◾Traditional Pop
◾Vocal Jazz
◾Vocal Pop

•World ◾Africa
◾Calypso (thx Gerald John)
◾Carnatic (Karnataka Sanghetha – thx Abhijith)
◾Celtic Folk
◾Contemporary Celtic
◾Coupé-décalé (thx Samy) – Congo
◾Dangdut (thank you Achmad Ivanny)
◾Drinking Songs
◾Drone (with thx to Robert Conrod)
◾Hindustani (thank you Abhijith)
◾Indian Ghazal (thank you Gitika Thakur)
◾Indian Pop
◾Japanese Pop
◾Mbalax (thank you Samy) – Senegal
◾Middle East
◾North America
◾Ode (thank you Sheldon Reynolds)
◾Piphat (cheers Samy B) – Thailand
◾Soca (thx Gerald John)
◾South Africa
◾South America
◾Traditional Celtic
mk  Jul 2015
thanks to him
mk Jul 2015
thanks to him
I'll never make the first move

thanks to him
I'll always let you love me a little more than I love you

thanks to him
I'll never really tell you what's on my mind

thanks to him
I'll forget the bitter truth & tell you all the pretty lies

thanks to him
I'll make sure to be the first to apologize after you hurt me

thanks to him
I'll agree with you when you tell me im worth nothing

thanks to him
I'll always agree with everything you say

thanks to him
I'll always let you have your way

thanks to him
I'll never really be okay
// let's play the blame game tonight, shall we? //

— The End —