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We hear about
The warming of our planet,
The rising water in the seas,
Pollution, in the air,
It must be A mystery,
That we can breathe, or see,
Everything, for survival
Earth reproduces, for free,
Oxygen, water, and food,
Our three basic needs,
Fear, is A way to control, people,
The gift, of this onetime life,
We should all be thankful for,
And happy, as we can be.

The Original: Tom Maxwell © 9/20/2021 AD 5:00 am
Descovia Sep 2021
Roses are Red
Violets are blue
I been watching the numbers
plummet like the temperature
in our crew!

The world we live in is fading
and it feels like I am dreaming
none of this, even feels like it's true!

Roses are red
Violets are blue

There is only one escape. It appears to be too late
It's like I am dancing on crates
Playing with my life in this game of "fate"
Losing myself to all, what else can I do?

The love I bleed for you is red
Although I be feeling blue
It's like you are rubber
and I am the glue
things that I scream in rage
bounces off you and sticks to me
This process should not repeat
These emotions I seek, does not make me weak
In the end, of what I'm going through

Roses are red
Violets brings me blues
Will destroy me at my peak.
I'll continue pushing...
No matter my mood
This is my truth
I only want the best for you!
i been noticing and peeping a lot of the roses are red and violets are blue
The concept is beautiful and it assisted in empowering my thoughts.
Thanks to all of you who are writing and making your art shine!
Your work is valued and  enjoyed.
Continue your lineage! :)
Mark Wanless Aug 2021
i am the writer
you the thinker thank you
for your blessed service
Savio Fonseca Aug 2021
A BIG word of Thanks,
for all what U have Done.
U have been an Inspiration,
to Me and Everyone.
U have taught Me,
lessons over the Years.
Those Lessons I will hold,
for the rest of My Years.
U mean a those,
who are Suffering.
With all your Prayers,
they show signs of Recovering.
U are My Guiding Light,
for the Battles I've Won.
U are the Light that shines,
like the Morning Sun.
Dedicated to My Cousin,  San Castelino. Happy Birthday. Remember your best,  is yet to come.
Brett Jul 2021
Oh Baby,
These still pictures seem to be running free
Tell me why your eyes have begun to move through mine
Just you, in a field of flowing flowers
The red and blue tulip hues
Wish and wave before your legs
And there you are, in full bloom

I am not so mad, that I believe I can touch the past
But I can feel, still today, the warming rose color upon my face
See, nothing ever truly gets washed away
We linger still
In a longing look just beyond our windowsills
My tortured rain has gone away
For these rolling fields and riverbanks, you have my thanks.
Garrett Johnson Jul 2021
The wayy she smiles.

Sputter out of controlling remorse, taken all of his energy.
Notably chalk.
That waits in his knee.
But then you sneeze.
Mostly realize.
That you've got it all.
And none in a hug that was in the fall.

Garrett Johnson.
Post cards galore.
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