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ELK May 2019
beneath the moons shadow
rough rope gripped
between trembling fingers
spinning stars
a solitary wind teased my face
toes brushed dew-gilded ground

I leaned backwards
as if folding into the silky embrace
of darkness
eyes closed
the nearest my wingless form
could get to soaring

Slipping back to earth
I took a flying leap
throwing myself onto the
mere slip of a swing
the world tilted like an axis off kilter

There, in the stillness of the moment
I feasted my gaze on the way
the trees reached upward
as if they too, were searching
for something

Reality, right then, felt fragile
I dared not blink
for fear of breaking the spell
nothing existed outside
blinking fireflies
the wind as it enfolded around me
and I
gorging to gain the weight
my soul had lost.

-Esther L. Krenzin-
Ataraxia: the state of bliss and serene calmness.
Eliseatlife May 2019
Sitting on a swing

back and forth

up and down

Watching everything that happens around me

Only the swing is just a little too high

My legs float above the ground

I would prefer to stand with both feet on the ground

being one with the world

being one with everything that happens around me

I just have to grow a little bit
Maria Etre May 2019
Swings right
when things just feel right
caresses under blankets
away from eyes
holding on to fleeting moments
stretching them, till they tear
with dawn

Swings left
broken beats left lonely
almost silent
in a loud world
where everyone hears your voice
while I suffocate on mine
being shattered into tiny shards
of transparent truth clawing their way
down my throat
to stunt my heart
from beating …normally

Swings right
your hand in mind
that’s right
that’s nice
faking it till you make it
learning the good in the bad
that’s only single-serving
I am left in a shady area
in a black and white world
full of bruised blueprints
that never made it through

Swings left
change feels like the cold
wind of a monsoon
before the heavy rain of judgement
falls piercing your skin
questioning your being
“but stay”
after you’ve blown away
all the fortress I took
so long to build
stone by stone
year by year
tower by tower
experience after experience
“we’re friends”
was the explosion that
turned my castle
to a sand
a desert, deserted

Swings Right
I feel right
on your right side
but then again
there are millions
standing in line
for get your right
I sometimes think
the spotlight does
shine on me
then I realize it is I
who put it there

Swings Left
….this is my queue to leave
Anya Mar 2019
I took a selfie today, on the swing
For some reason I've been taking them all week
Bored at the grocery store
No motivation in my room
A smile,
constantly displaying my bulging acne,
like little polka dots
marring my-
Smile a little strained,
Unable to release or
Just no

I took a selfie today, on the swing
The swing obviously more suitable for my ten year old brother
Left behind by one of the previous occupants
Quite low to the ground,
Meant for children                        Not
a teenager searching for an escape
Making a fool of herself
Back and forth              back and forth                    back and-

I took a selfie today, on the swing
And it's the prettiest I'd ever been
Because I didn't care anymore,
and I      was                                                    f
Zywa Mar 2019
Dear old apple tree
tender snow-white dream
precious memory

spring is sweet tonight
being brought to me
in the fading light

the world was young

.....The earth turns day by day is going fast
.....another April, May
.....I walk the ancient track
.....and everything comes back it's already over
.....and that may set us free

Dear old apple tree
snow-white blossom sea
with the swing that sighs
and the butterflies
lying in the grass
smelling how it was
when the blackbird sang
the world was young
Die Welt war jung / Der Apfelbaum (1964, Max Colpet; redrafting of  Le chevalier de Paris, in 1950 by Angèle Marie Thérèse Vannier); sung by Hildegard Knef
gabrielle Feb 2019
reminisce the days
when two of them are by the swing
back and forth ways
lovingly perfect as they fling

now, think of this poor old swing
lonely, alone with me
without you and nothing
without your love, I see it not rocking
it needs two, to work it out.... someone to sit on it & someone to push.
see me and my swing.... without you.
Jodie-Elaine Nov 2018
Breathe out,
taking yourself out of the groggy room
Drawn back, six years old and
kicking high enough on the swing set,
high enough for tree tops.
Swinging became toes dangling from a high ledge
high ledges into things your parents told you not to touch, not to burn yourself on,

Let the taste burn,
Through fingertips
candle wax eloping down the wick, it's last flicker of redundant flame.
Time is runs short,
feel yourself creasing down the middle,
stained like an old table cloth, wilting away like sunflowers
curling at the corners
Dust swirls through the empty room, echoes in a ribcage, punctured lung.
Poem from April 2015
Shantala Kothare Nov 2018
Just like me,
If you happen to see,
This magnificent Banyan tree:
You would probably be,
Feeling free;
Or looking up towards the sky,
Likely heaving a sigh,
As you walk by.

Surely this banyan must provide
So many places to hide;
For birds to make their nests
Under its vast expansiveness.

If I were young
I would have clung,
To the roots and swung
Like a little child
From side to side.

But now
I'd rather look up and see
The wind blowing through the tree,
Watch the leaves shake and shimmer
Exposing their emerald green glimmer.

I'd love to sit in its shade,
Watch a wedding cavalcade,
Dig into the earth with a *****.
Feel the sun as he filters through,
Watch the hues in the morning dew.
I’d give you my love,
but my love just wouldn’t do, dear.
If only you could use my love.

Then I’d give you a hug
and a kiss so soft that you wouldn’t fear
what you’re dreaming of, my love.

Oh, why then, love,
why do you cry then, love?
Why don’t you try
some of what I’ve
been thinking of?

Darling, I’ve seen what’s above
and it’s you, but you can’t see the truth.
Let me lift you up, my love.
Lyrics for an AABA swing jazz song.
Piano melody singalong @

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Salmabanu Hatim Sep 2018
My sweet glowing moon,
Let us  float on your crescent spoon,
Baby and I , baby and I,
O'er the ocean's trail,
Where big ships sail.

My sweet glowing moon,
Let us ride on your crescent spoon,
Baby and I, baby and I,
O'er the hills  and o'er the vale
To catch fishes in the river and put it in a pail.

My  sweet  glowing moon,
Let us swing on your crescent
Baby and I , baby and I,
Give us your pleasant smile,
So baby and I go to sleep for a while.
Like a nursery rhyme for children.Hope it is loved.
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