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Delta Swingline
F/My Music Studio    I'm a musician, poet, and major procrastinator. I also write my own songs whenever music genius strikes. YouTube: The Deuteragonist Anyways, that's me. ~Swingline
Birch Swinger
Amidst a Pathless Wood    "One could do worse than be a swinger of birches." -Robert Frost


Kida Price  Jun 2014
Mood swing
Kida Price Jun 2014
As a child I would play
On my mood swing everyday.
It still new
And hardly frayed
It would take me up and back away.
If someone pushed me up
I'd say
"This is such a beautiful day!"
And if some stole my swing from me
I'd sit and pout
In childish melancholy.
A few years passed
And my mood swing stayed.
I stared at it but hardly played.
I'd sometimes think
"Maybe today
Will be the day my mood swing breaks."
My mother's tears
And my father's rage
Would make my mood swing
Lose it's sway.
My brothers and sisters would look away
While by myself
On my mood swing I would pray.
"Please just push me up again
Make me smile
Be my friend."
In my teens I never glanced
At the swing
It being rusted but not collapsed.
I used it for another wish
Like hanging with friends
Or sharing my first kiss.
The slightest breeze could push it now.
I never had to be in the seat.
In memory I'd see it go up and down
And the ground would never meet my feet.
I gripped the chain
And laughed and screamed
My feelings were transfered
Into that swing.
Then I changed into my adult like skin.
So grown up
I thought I knew everything.
My mood swing was for childish work
And I'm too big
Too much of a naive ****.
I swung myself
As high or low as I'd command
Thinking I had the control all in my hands.
I figured all who we're passing me
Would assume me swinging high
Swinging free.
Unknowing that my mood swing
Was swinging me.
Until those times I'm swung too low
My feet would catch
My adrenaline grow.
I fell so many times,
Looking back on my method then,
It's wasn't as easy as it was at 10.
Of course someone was helping me.
Now my swing is jerking me
It feels too small when I sit in the seat.
I don't go as high now like I used to be
I can only move if I kick my feet.
My mood swing made it so long without defeat
But I have awhile to go
And I'm not confident as it squeaks.
What if my children want to play on it someday
And I give them my swing in disarray?
I've long forgotten how to play
On my mood swing
In the way.
Sky Dec 2016
Swing high, swing low
To the different birds I say hello
Then monsters come to devour the pretties
They grin and show me teeth full of flitties
Swing high, swing low
A demon pushes me onto a spiky pillow
Then cotton candy softens the blow
and turns to blood
Swing high, swing low
I really do not know
Why the female body causes so much distress
When the moon decides that it's time to fertilize
Swing high, swing low
There are no seeds to sow, so
please, hormones, just leave me alone.
Marian Jan 2014
Childhood memories of yore
Drift through my head
As I watch that old tree swing
Many a Summer ago
I would swing there as a child
But now I am a grownup woman
But my children swing there now
Lovingly I watch
That old tree swing
And memories fond
Fill my mind
Like the rustling breeze
Making that tree swing
Rock back and forth

* * * * * * * * * * * *
My Mother is dead
And now as we fond children recall
How she loved to swing
Upon the tree swing
That is not there anymore
The tree was cut down yesterday
And the swing was destroyed
Vanishing with the swing
Are the happy golden memories
Of many happy days
Spent as children
Swinging upon the swing
That is now destroyed
Along with our Mother's
Childhood home

Just a random poem that I wrote in my notebook and copied here!! (: ~~~<3
Also, this is inspired by my Mom's childhood home that had to be destroyed
a few months ago!!! ~~~<3
So, here's the inspired poem!!! (: ~~~<3
Please enjoy it!!! :) ~~~~<3