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Poetic T Apr 10
An attire of cadaver obsidian
      hangs upon the expiration

of every fluctuation.

Weaving sorrow on every passing.

Considering the folly of her motionless

Her garb falters and  decomposes
              below her narcistic


She is neither Earth or Air,
                but a decompaction of

reflections fading over time..
Yanamari Jul 2018
My heart is eroding inside
Whether it be you
Or me
Or a culmination of
The hidden thoughts inside
I don't want this
And yet I can't seem to get myself
To move from the scraping
Gushing feelings inside
I don't see a future
And I don't want there to be
A future inside
I just want it all to end
I don't get it...
Outside or inside,
My heart never finds
A place it wishes to reside.
The Step Series; poem V
Poetic T Aug 2017
On a shore line of forgotten promises,
tied to a embankment  of memories.
                                     it leans wearily,
obligated to wait for a tide that has
evaporated like its hope evermore.

But as blue tears erode from its façade,
                                falling into the breeze.
Tied to a stump of wood cleaved from life,
as this majestic moment both dead in the
water of past retrospective moments.
Crimsyy Jan 2017

I spend a countless amount of time
daydreaming, picturing, imagining
small moments that could have
the ability to fill my heart
with such happiness,
people would inquire if I were a firework.
My mind carves my face, relaxed against your neck,
the ultimate safe place for me to be
when I can't run from the weight
of achievements still waiting to be accomplished.
My mind carves you, holding me,
our movements synchronizing,
we're anti-socializing,
enveloped in our world where no one, no future, could touch us or break us apart.
We're dancing to the lack of melody,
focused on feeling the beat of our hearts...
But that's just silly, just a fantasy
because I don't suppose the world
could stop spinning for just enough time to let us figure it all out.
Will the distance be insufferable?
Will this eroding earth leave our hearts vulnerable?
Vexren4000 Jan 2017
In this room, I sit.
I sit alone as if,
Not  human exists
or a soul to be seen.
I know I am wrong,
yet it feels so right.
Even if it burns,
I feel as if feeling that way.
There is no other way to feel.
The bitter chilling winds of love, life and old age.
Slowly erode my sanity,
Yet this sanity stands stoically.
Against the tides of time and maelstrom of life.
Now it is a faceless statue.
That stands alone,
With no indicator of who or what had made it.
This is a fate,
that one must accept.
No matter when,
or where.

Jesica Nov 2015
Our earth is turning from green to gray,
Just because it can't say,
"Stop vulgarly harming me
Or you will soon see
Barren wastelands and dried seas."
Nature's beauty is fast eroding,
'Cause we are still enjoying.
Wise humans, don't you see,
We'll soon be left without a tree.
Be a little eco-friendly,
And treat nature more gently.
Plant a tree every month and soon you will be falling in love with nature. Global warming levels are skyrocketing and we are the only ones who will be able to save the little of what is left.
Leal Knowone Feb 2015
depression set in
like the priest to sin
trying to hide it
when it all begins
the snow falls down
barring you underground
hell bent and heaven sent
who the **** knows were my mind went
no way to win
put on a grin
hide it again
your souls caves in
exploding imploding
like the shore life eroding
this should not be how time is spent
It seems everyone is having a ****** day, but it just one day, and things will change, and we hope the ******* will go away, so we can once agin have a smile on our face :)
Born of Fire May 2014
I fell in love with a boy by the bayside whose mouth tasted like sour apples in a way i never thought so beautiful. And I'm sorry it was never you, you always tasted bitter and burned. But there's something you need to understand,that my existence has wracking side effects and scars on my skin are only a classroom of pain. Your tears always found a way in, and leaked onto my heart, playing a sad song about wishing wells and shooting stars and formed words on my tongue like four leaf clovers. And you still haven't apologized for emptying my lake of happiness and replacing it with rocks of sadness and filling my pockets with pebbles. A man once told me that anyone good for me would never hurt me. And i suddenly forgot that, when your eyes turned to icy corridors and your hands, tightened leather. I only wanted to melt away the emptiness in your irises and break away from the distraught grip. But didn't anyone ever tell you can't just set thing on fire because you like to watch ash float in the wind? You were always so wreckless. With my bleeding heart in your hands all you could mutter was, "I made a mess." All you could do was walk away with clenched fists leaving me on the ground trying to pick up shards of glass, ribbons of tears, and pieces of the moon; essentially you left me to salvage the pieces of myself. The truth is, you left me there in the dark. And i haven't emerged.
leave me here

— The End —