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Amanda Nov 2019
It is snowing in Alaska
That might sound obvious
Since we're halfway through November
But its only really snowed once
Our state should be covered in flour
Like pie dough or potato bread
Instead we have a light sprinkling
Of dandruff on our northern head
Day 14: write a lousy poem. The suckier the
Gracie Nov 2018
It kinda ***** how
I'm sitting here writing a poem about how
I feel. And how
nothing ever seems right to me.

It kinda ***** how
my head is currently spinning in circles and how
my face feels tight from my dried tears.

It kinda ***** how
my inexplicable anger is taking over my body, how
it messes with my exams and social life and how
I push away the people I need the most.

It kinda ***** how
today is just never my day.

It's never my day.
i apologise to everyone I freaked at today
Alice Baker Jan 2016
do you ever mess up something super duper minor and no one else thinks it an issue and you see that but on the inside you just feel like collapsing and crying and folding into little pieces of human origami because god it would be wonderful to be anything but yourself?
Sarah Nielle Oct 2015
I don't know if there's something inside of me,
besides these bitterly sober words.
I'm falling faint, or am i just falling?
S H I T.
I have a lot of aspirations.
So much I need to do.
I need to be alive.
I need to breathe.
I need to feel normal.
I need...
A beginning to this ending feeling.
bb Feb 2015
Despite the ebb and flow
Of people as they come and go,
Voices rising and digressing
Eventually altogether lessening
And turning to silence
Only to return with vehemence--
I remain still
And still remain.
They are mobile in their clumps,
Always crying out, always counting
The ways in which they are the worst.
Inside they feel not remorse,
But that is not the intention.
Yet the inglorious ascension
Of their voices to the vaulted ceiling
Has such an effect on their audibility.
I hear every word.
I drink it in
Like a poison,
It's addictive; it's ******.
I cannot focus nor be steadfast
As long as this prattle is to last.
Their words are never directed toward me
But they never push me away--
It is my unspoken job to meet them halfway.
I am not a link
But a hammer, disguised as a bolt
Or should it be the other way around?
The incessant ingemination of sounds
Is too heavy a burden for ears such as mine.
I could not keep a level stance
And so I fell into a state of haphazard dissonance.
Ha the rhyme scheme for this is so messed up I apologize
Makenzie Marie Dec 2014
There's a war on
inside me
Raging on
And I'm fighting.

But I'm not free.
And never will be.
I battle my body...
So everyone can see
(Especially me)
that this war will not end in defeat
Sound Of Rain Aug 2014
If only I could write without choking up every time I spilled out words on paper,
If only I could close my eyes and block out the harsh things that I still seem to remember,
If only I could smile and write pages after pages about everything without tearing up,
If only I was not as shy as I am right now and instead was bold and fierce,
If only my hands would stop shaking when I write your name,
If only everybody kept the freaking promises that they made.
If only.
If only.
If only.
I would surely be happier and more satisfied than I am right now.
I don't even know. Suffering from major writer's block. Can't seem to express any of my feelings properly these days. *sigh* If only.
Derek Leavitt Jul 2014
She broke a nail,
He told her to deal with it.
He scraped his knee,
She told him to buck up.
She is having a bad hair day,
He told her to live with it, it looks fine.
He lost his favorite drawing,
she told him to grow up.
She asked if he was upset,
he said no but she kept asking.
He passed a test,
She responded with a blank tone, "Good Job."
His favorite show came on,
but the power went out half way through.
She cut her hair and it looked REALLY PRETTY,
but nobody noticed.
He achieved a really high goal in his life,
but he had nobody to celebrate with.
She said she just needed someone to talk to,
He said he was busy.

— The End —