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Seeing stars while standing still,
There’s no denying that you’re ill,
Denial persists, stabs and twists
You stand in a fog a filled abyss
Searching for words, but instead you just drift
Empty handed time after time
You feed yourself lies and pills, there’s no denying that you’re ill,

More doctors than friends, you try so hard not to let the pain in
Chronic or Histrionic, whose to say in the end?
Rhetorical epiphanies are your oldest friend

Seeing stars while standing still,
The beholder’s eyes find solace in nature’s will
Lydia Feb 2018
Written in cursive
Behind your eyes

The messy braided hair
Is all that's left of you
Standing in a white dress

It was seventy degrees outside
You shut the window

"I'm sorry,"
Your handwriting just vexed me
Your pen had too much ink

Your toenails were broken

The white page turned to gaping black
As you crossed out the words
I closed the door and walked away

You said you felt some sort of chill, and I believed you
Must have been a gap between the stark walls and the blanched window frame
I found you a blanket
I thought about adding the quote, "Hospital gowns never fit like they should. We yelled at the nurse, didn't do any good," from "Long Way From Home," by the Lumineers, but I thought I would let the poem go by itself. Not enough people have hear that song. Feel free to imaginarily add it after the line "Your toenails were broken"

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Makenzie Marie Dec 2014
There's a war on
inside me
Raging on
And I'm fighting.

But I'm not free.
And never will be.
I battle my body...
So everyone can see
(Especially me)
that this war will not end in defeat

— The End —