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Amanda Nov 2019
It is snowing in Alaska
That might sound obvious
Since we're halfway through November
But its only really snowed once
Our state should be covered in flour
Like pie dough or potato bread
Instead we have a light sprinkling
Of dandruff on our northern head
Day 14: write a lousy poem. The suckier the
Warren Jul 2019
Is it Christmas?
Or is this white stuff in my hair?
I hope it’s just fuzz
Toying with my self-esteem.

Confidence looks forward to the next snowfall,
My shoulders hoping
This kid will build me a warm fort
And not a battered cave.
Randall Walker Sep 2017
You’ve heard what I’ve sung,
You’ve read what I wrote,
But can that get
To the heart of all my hopes?
So I run away, I smoke;
Getting by
With desperate gropes.
And I groan,
                   and I moan,
                                      but ****, just cut the ropes!
And these chains, that maim,
They’re gone, just like smoke,
My skin no longer cut up
                            Like dandruff
Think soap.
Mr B Jul 2015
You used to be so sociable and so cool,
No you just make me sit alone, stare and drool,
Paranoid, scared, every noise makes me turn,
And all of the while in my nose you just burn,
You are there like a shot when I'm weak,
Then in a few hours too para to speak,
I hate you so much and the things you make me do,
******* *******, yeah you heard, *******!
I want you to leave, no more lines in my life,
Want to be a good husband and Dad to kids and the wife,
You always spoke to the devil inside of me,
And stopped me being the best me
I can be,
Something has changed though and now I can see,
A life without *******, no more you and me,
No more sitting alone, racking and snorting,
Scared of noises, frightened of the phone ring,
Goodbye *******, you're devil's dandruff,
I hate you *******, enough is enough.

— The End —