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Cursed was i since the dawn of my birth
To endure this burden I carry upon my back,
That all may marvel at a babbling fool,
Unable to speak in the manner of mankind.

Worse it formed since the day i caught wind of this tragedy,
Resistant to rid I hopelessly cry,
My words tumble over another,
Unable to unite in unity;
A coherent catastrophe,
Horrid to the ears of the beholder.
Their body language shriek much annoyance;
Aching to finish what i never can,
Though i convince myself it will be different next time,
I find myself slow dancing again with my humiliation

They that silently snicker at my insecurity,
Guard their flaws with an iron sword,
Forever dreading the day theirs comes to light,
For all men art fashioned with blemishes.

Have my prayers fallen on deaf ears?
Thou art silent,
Rid me of this life sentence
And loosen my knotted tongue.
Oh that thou would hearken unto me,
Maria Etre Jan 27
I write
because I stutter
when I talk
with emotions
Shakytrumpet Dec 2019
I try to talk
and begin to stu
so much emotion and words
they clut
ter. Strings of thoughts tie up in knots,
a conglomerate of phrases,
I solve my sentences like
I can't talk to say my thoughts so I'll write them out instead
putting all my emotion out in neat lines straight from my head
i do not stu stu stu stutter... except when i do like a speech, my hands have like tremors and i can't get any words out. or when I talk to a certain someone
Also if you didn't like this i can assure you my comical haikus are much better some are a bit offensive so you've been warned
Millie Sep 2019
You see the ice and think I’m frozen
You need to get better at this “hon”
But there’s so much spinning around my brain
And so little of it would change what my eyes stole from yours
So I walk away
Betrayed by the lump in my throat
Erian Rose May 2019
He sang along to the trumpets in his head,
as the radio once did.
"I'll always be there for you,"
He stuttered past his heart.
The coldness locking his beath
in a frozen cloud of smoke
intertwining in the frosted skies,
"Then you told me no,"
His hands quivered in his sleeves where scars left no marks,
while his voice was breaking like broken bones.
He never finishes his dying lyrics,
with the notes dangling in the air,
for someone else to pair.
And an iris left at the stairs.
Ah.. Ah.. Aaron, I said my name,
Least did I expect that this stutter pushed me to shame;
Alalia syllabaris is a defect,
Still worthy enough for a prefect.

That darned laugh, that lost contact,
Shatters all of ‘em within..
‘Tip of the iceberg’ do we show,
The inner lies within; so little you know.

Parodying this isn’t funny, that interludes,
That seriously hurts dudes.

Stop that mock, bear our shock
Let me see how do you fare,
Mark my words because that’s a dare.
Stuttering aka stammering is the only thing which fortifies me. Giving time and suggestions is of no use. Nor is giving a hell of laughter. So stop those weird looks when I  stammer. Love
mysa Aug 2018
i stumble over my words now.
it's a fight to wrestle them out of my mouth,
when before the flowed out like a river.

i'm fainter now.
it's a struggle to remember
that my new friends don't find me annoying
and that i don't need to lag behind,
waiting for an invitation.

i'm worse now.
summer is ending and all i have to show
is a quieter me
    a nervous me
    a wish-i-wasn't-here me
    a why-can't-i-just-do-something me

    a second-rate me
i stumble over my words now. this poem included.
oh boy have i been having Problems™ lately. :,) it should be an easy fix, but i can't will myself to fix it.
stargazer May 2018
If p-people were forms of l-language
I-I am a stutter of a p-person
I am h-h-hesitant
I can't s-seem to ex-express m-myself
It t-takes me a while t-to get m-my p-point across
People laugh in mock-mock-mockery

If people w-were forms of language
H-he is a s-s-song
He flows
He st-stirs the bl-blood in my veins
His rhythm i-is the only thing ke-keeping my heart bea-bea-beating
People s-sing along

I-I am over-overlooked
He i-is surrounded by admirers

I am st-staring at him,
dazzled, st-struck to the b-bone in wonder
He-he-he is laughing,
warmly, dance-dancing to his own b-beat

I am an un-unfinished thought
He is th-the beauty of a-a million harmonies


To my love, who I love, and who showed me what love is
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