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Charles Sturies Sep 2017
Leann Taliaferrus?
(promised Tolliver, Taliaferro, i.e.)
1- a pro football player
2- probably what she was known as in her clique
2- referring to Mike Taliaferro, a U or I football player (probably Italian Spanish) and hotsy totsy I heard Leanna Baunan maiden name from Champaign
4- referring to the last nae of a (I heard) dead end kind of Leann's rough youth neighborhood
Charles Sturies Mar 2017
The Flying Illini again
Nichols, Morgan, Tinks, Black,
go up and sometimes come down with it -
Will Groce's job be saved?
Even Lucas, Hill, Abrams, and TCL at guard
can get up there.
Rebounding has definitely
improved for the Illini
over the years
and means so much
It even seems to me to help their free throwing.
The Illini have long been a ******
in rebounding
not so this year
Hear ye, hear ye
The Illinois big men will be.
Charles Sturies Mar 2017
The predictability of certain females
**** blossoms, ins and outs.
State social climbing potential woman -
lying obnoxious males - the types of women
they go ******* over
Certain people in the helping professions
who seem prone to be cliche uttering
Hardhats even though they might have
gotten their degrees from a liberal university
or whatever.
Sensing which people especially females
if you're a guy who might be interested
in you before you have had your first big talk
to, in most cases, and break the ice
since once is usually interested in them back.
Sensing who back scratched (you "do" me, I'll "do" you)
A-kissers, apple polishers and so on are if you're at all
military, or come from a military family
where you're really exposed to that member of the military.
Suspecting sudden outbursts of grief
coming on from a relative who doesn't appreciate
anything tragic whatsoever
but I'm saying maybe is
sensing the angry last man syndrome in
certain males
Knowing when to say "Well, don't get all hostile,"
with your arms outstretched
when somebody is about to scold you about something
starts within you.
Charles Sturies Mar 2017
Drea De Mattea
Kathy Matea
See they're both in entertainment
Michael Jordan
Morton Downey
Get it both of their opinions are respected
Seymour Gross the decadent businessman with his two sons -
Greg and Seymour, Jr. Get it - Seymour
Someone put of Mad Magazine's Greg
and Ex-Chicago Cubs player- (He got famous at it.)
decadence, I mean, and Junior Gross -
We're all getting really tired of real decadent types
like his father and Greg. - I'm just being facetious about
the bloodline connection. What, are they both adopted and just
copies of it?
And Seymour's morals are especially refreshing
compared to his faults.
Loretta Lynn
Brenda Lee
Two gifted singers
Eisenhower and MacArthur
2 great West painters
etc., etc.,
You get the picture.
Charles Sturies Mar 2017
Yes I know I make
trite lists about what
I think are my dislikes
and for revenge other people make lists
of my kinds of
halitosis and BO,
Charles Sturies Mar 2017
Cheer up, Cupid,
Cheer up, Cherub,
You may think you're a perfect angel,
but you're just a stupid cupid.
1-referring to the child-like little boy Cupid (with wings) angel in James Botacelli painting (I can't remember which) and the fact that my father would always tell my two older sisters I was a little boy when I did a beatified stunt and the fact that I delude myself I'm little boy looking and that character in the Botecelli painting
Charles Sturies Mar 2017
Amy Adams,
Arctic Animals,
Sai sea animals
from the anals of Troy,
to dawn's early burn
comes letters from Burns1
and the tip of a candle
to Alfred North
and Norma Jean
Jog on , Rafer
1-referring to the famous Scottish poet, Robert Burns
Charles Sturies Mar 2017
Sun a long
Sun a watch, you see.
Those ******* berries
will give you a charge
even though your name might not be Cary
or you think you're Larry
or you have nothing left
to do but tarry.
So this isn't scary
Practically everybody
secretly prays to the ****** Mary
or whose cary
and tarry?
What is Cris?1
Some monster gin phizz.
1-guy's name mentioned casually here at the VA, a long time ago, I guess
Charles Sturies Mar 2017
Sanchez and Frazier sound like keys
Tate and Judge got me on my knees
They know so much about Torre’s blow
Five ‘o clock high
And Greg Bird is hitting one
into the sky
This spring training
what with late afternoon day games,
not reminding me of veteran
and even Mason Williams
could be used
even if Aaron Hicks
blows a fuse,
All is fair . . .
Charles Sturies Mar 2017
My beautiful women in pictures.
It’s making me feel like
I am about to have a seizure,
They even make me feel
like this is my harem
And I’m a man of leisure
They might carom
they don’t even remind me
of Buster Narum
and with a crayon
I could tell how they’d
feel in rayon.
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