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I can't feel my fingers
I can't feel my toes
been put through the ringer
I can't feel my woes

I press against my ribs and teeth
and make sure my feet are underneath
my floating head
this feeling I dread
my god I need a release

but a release would mean
things are not as they seem
and I would still be numb
left high, dry and dumb

so numb I will stay
a lifeless bouquet
of fingers and toes
and all of my woes
feeling like nothing
Remember when you held me in your arms
and told me you'd always love me
a perfect thing, without harm
but all of  sudden there was he

he who stole
my vital role
in the love we shared
but you did not care

for anything else
like the books on your shelf
because it was his picture
that remained
I must have seen his picture on that ******* bookshelf a thousand times before I questioned it.
I have a thing or two
on my mind
one is you,
the other to find

a safe place
a refuge
a place to
let truth

be itself
but not known
left unsaid
and alone

Maybe I'll share it
when I'm desperate
I'll sadly pair it
with you
I have a hard time letting people in. It did not always used to be like that, and I swore to my mother I would always be a free, fun-loving soul. But that has changed, inevitably I am told.
Force a smile
and stand up straight
first leg's a mile
ready at the gate

Please do not worry
if you cannot relate
we're off in a hurry
it's sort of innate

To leap and bound
and always be late
but always be running
it's sort of our fate

To run and never get there
to die and never know where
or why our fate is unfair
or if you ever did care
I'm exhausted
You were playing the game from day one
yes, you won

how could a father do that to his son
his only one?

I do not understand, and I do not even want to
rather what I'll do
is play the game too
and have lots of fun
yes me, your won
One to Won.
Nicholas Booth Nov 2018
Sick I'm ****
I mean **** I'm sick

See I didn't mean to blind you
can you put that behind you?

Ill I'm ****
I mean **** I'm ill

Now you're starting to blame me
listing all the reasons you hate me

But you're ******* sick too
I mean you're a sick **** too

There is no reason you had to do me like that

I mean do me like this
now I see my therapist

three times a week
take pills to sleep

record what I eat
stand on my own two feet

I'm getting better now
so I can be the one to take a bow
Number 2
Nicholas Booth Nov 2018
I used to think apple were apples
     As long as they weren't oranges

Then I got wiser;
learned it isn't just a roll,
     It's  Kaiser

     And then you asked to play
Mcintosh? Oh, Macintosh

But I was a honey crisp       
And let's face it, you're a gala full o' ****

But I took a taste,
and with such haste
Then followed with vigor
making you feel bigger

But only at first,
with such intense thirst
   it's over now
     Thanks for playing? I guess

Take a bow
The first poem I wrote in a short series - processing an emotional set of circumstances I found myself in. The series took about 2 months to complete, although it still feels unfinished. Will be posting them as I work through their content.
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