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Rae Feb 10
blue eyes and blue skies
your white pillow lips
your spider leg eyelashes
and the soft, brown bruises that
tiptoe up my wrist

soft downy, warm skin
a tiny entity in the pale moonlight
purple and yellow
wet and slime and rawness
but empty, flutterless, cooling:
the bare nakedness we created
no longer exists

dribbling words
a tipsy house that leans to one side
gentle breeze and creamy clouds-
mashed potatoes to slather with butter or
the fluid that drips down my leg

asphalt, cold but burning
a right a left
a straight
and i stumble
press a hand to the leftover lump of my abdomen
and turn toward an empty, flickering highway
Warren Feb 26
Her tiny little face,
So innocent and gentle,
So close to being free,
To being alive.
Perfect little fingers and perfect little toes,
My whole life through a moment in her eyes.
Too beautiful for me,
Too precious to let be,
A glimpse of what could be for me to know,
Now I know I can’t stay here,
Suddenly it’s all so clear,
She needs me,
I have no choice,
I have to go.
Silverflame Dec 2018
I bury this year's stillborn dreams
in the soil of despair, before the
new year begins with colorful
explosions embroidered in the sky.
TheMystiqueTrail Sep 2018
Thoughts descend
in neon whites of infinity
to hit the keyboard as an avalanche of words
to leave thumb-prints of ingenuity.

Words become cadaverous,
impotent to birth them.
They leave stillborns
with pale yellow shadows!

An eerie pain numbs my senses.
I suffocate.
O, had I become the unuttered word!
Silverflame Aug 2018
The "us" in my head was just
a stillborn dream of mine.
But in another life, that dream
would live and breathe with us.
Poetic T Jun 2018
I heard the silhouette of your heart
       echoing in the eyes of our love.
You were a seed that grew entwining
                  around our everyday lives.

Like a petal you were blossoming,
              but then the wilted slowly.
Never did we think beauty could fade,
        every heartbeat a precious reflection.

Where once we had joy, then sadness
       enveloped our hearts, as still as yours.
When you were born, no tears of joy as
       petals had fallen, and stillness entered our lives.

"Every beat is precious,
                      hold everyone one like its a delicate petal"
Poetic T Jul 2017
Silence greats
              a mother

precious life....
E Townsend Oct 2016
I didn't expect this dream to be a stillborn
after so many years of seeing this false image of reality
it never arrived intact.
Julie Langlais Jan 2016
Desperate for a baby.
Ultimate sacrifices to make one.
One pregnancy test!
Years of waiting.
In that moment, our dreams came true.
I cried joyous tears; I was going to be a mother.
Most importantly, your mom.
The love grew instantly.
I saw your heart beating and heard the wonderful little thumps.
Striking my senses in amazement.
An intimate sight.
Watching you grow at each ultrasound, as I grew closer to you.
Impatiently waiting to feel you, your first kick.
That anticipated day finally came.
We shared our first moment together.
You never disappointed me.
You gave me everything.
I carried you and loved having you in my belly.
I did everything to protect you.
I had many dreams for you.
I imagined your first smile, your first word, your first step.
I read to you, played with you, hugged you, and kissed you.
I carried you for 31 weeks, that makes me your mother.
I always wanted to be a mother, the best I could be.
I never realized I would be faced with losing my child.
I never expected a mother could be childless.
I don’t understand why life can be horrifying;
You were little, treasured, and perfect.
My world doesn’t make sense without you in it.
A few memories of you is all I have.
Your delicate face, you looked just like your father.
I stared at you, while you never looked back.
You seemed peaceful in my arms.
I wished you could have seen me, your mother who loved you so.
I hoped your muted eyes would sparkle, yet they remained shut.
A couple of hours with you, hours that I would cherish forever.
I embraced and cradled your chilled motionless body.
I gently kissed your soft tiny nose, as a tear fell onto your face.
Pleading to hear you cry,
only you never cried.
The cries ringing in my ears were not yours.

It was time to give you to the nurse.
The hardest part was letting you go.
Conceiving ways of escaping and bringing you home.
A plot remained untouched.
Your father and I left the hospital with a box,
as we watched new parents leaving with their babies.
Why did this happen to us? We nourished you with endless love.
A senseless tragedy I can’t wrap my mind around.
Convinced this is a miserable dream,
still I wake up without you.
Inconsolable and heartbroken
Wishing to be occupied and busy.
An instinctive desire for sleepless late night feeds.
My reality of days drowned by sadness.  
As the tears generate a stream in my house.
This lifeless belly; I ache for your little kicks.
Empty and disoriented without you, will this suffering ever stop?
I wanted a baby.
My dream came true, I had you. .
Goodbye Alex, my son, my love, my angel.

© Jl 2010
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