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Raven Feels Apr 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, what is worse than shame? HUMILIATION:\

rumors fly up in the high

in the above in my ears in my skies

get my squirms of death into the rays of the red dies

and the humiliate in the tides

shed the tears in silence I fear they collide

with looks of disgust and shame they rise upon my eyes

just like an equivalence of the delves of the deep

from them of a cut to dig drips and swallow grief

arise arose arosen awake awoke awoken

trap me unnoticed and leave me broken in the heart swollen

fed on lies unspoken surrounding in the field

am I a prisoner in hell or even better in Tolkien???

I craved and carved the woods into a shade of a pink that I need

till you put the greed and stole in brief with no feels

want me dead then demand I alive to up come

burning and whipping regrets of the twos with the fives

if I not to remember wrong

counting stars and fleeing out just all in an empty round about

Delyla Nunez Apr 2021
It’s a mask to put over my head.
It’s the alcohol consumed to numb the mind.
It’s acting as if I’m okay because nobody cares.
Letting go of everything that I need to keep me going is gone,
Everything I did for myself slipped down the drain.
I worked so hard.
I fought for so long.
I tried for everything.

Why am I still the let down,
Even when I communicate.
My depression has gotten worse. I’m sorry.
Harley Hucof Aug 2020
The future depends on our state of mind
Be grateful and leave the past behind.

Tell the judge what he is ought to hear
Make it clear that we humans are born to be free.

Words Of Harfouchism
Saïda Boūzazy Aug 2020
I feel  the pain  inside my brain 
Deeper than the sea  
Lager than the sky  
Wilder than the forest  
I feel the pain,  it makes me insane  

We are  nothing but broken ones
Hannah Johnson Jun 2020
Hello, old Self
I know you
When the dullness of your ache
Fell away from you
Like an opened cotton curtain
Letting in the light
And your misery
Fizzled out
In the busy dizziness
You slipped away;
(Maybe like me
At a people-peppered party
When the echo
of my own obliging cheer
Grows hollow in my weary ears
And it comes quick and clear
You know?
—no one will really care
Who chatters, or in what chair
Exchange my face
For any stranger there
They wouldn’t know

What am I for?

You were not made
To walk
Without a wound
Your new surroundings
Puzzled you
And so you smiled
And slyly slipped
To the side

I did not see you
For such a long long time...

Hello, old Self

Now that you arrived
With your silent ache
And the stony set
Of your flinty face,
I miss you
For all the lost days

You were me once
I would know you
Your scars
Are still the same

Come in and sit
We will be quiet
And we will hurt
Jacob Charest Feb 2020
A perplexing voice calls out to me
white light burned into my eyes
shadows of dread and sorrow
a moment's dazzling disguise

my heart plummets once more
disheartening screams of silence
the rise of consternation
a battle I will not win

the walls of my head fall apart
my brain exposed
fleeting feelings of panic and dismay
swirling inside

A voice is needed
to guide and soothe me
for I fear if it does not appear
I shall break again
Mystic Ink Plus May 2019
Can you dare to lose peace?
Only question
I have to ask

Nahh !

How can I?
Genre: Observational
Theme: State of mind || बुद्धम शरणम गच्छामि
Yuri Apr 2019
I don't write with words.
I write with feelings.
Ankita Gupta Apr 2019
Maybe you will find me in the pondering state of mind
Maybe you won't find me in the right state of mind
Maybe you won't find me at all
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