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Jacob Charest Jan 2022
Once beaten and battered
A new man has risen
Shaking his head
Dust and dirt fall from his hair

Not who he once was
A new man entirely
One of actions, not words
A form of sobriety

Newfound love and grace
From one simple thing
A simple smile
From his lover's face

Clenching his fists
He rises and bows
The audience's applause
Ringing so loud

Change of mind
Change of heart
He finds who he was supposed to be
From the very start
Jacob Charest Mar 2020
A blistered and battered heart
Beats a little stronger each day
Reclaiming my throne
Finding my worth

My hope has been treaded on
Pummeled into the dirt
But I dig it back up
Forcing it back into myself

Fleeting feelings of despair
like a spear driven into my torso
I withdraw it from my body
Throw it to the sky

Rising up from my throne
The people bow before me
They have seen my hope
How it prospers

My soul starts to shine
All of my followers smiling
I have become myself once again
This time I will win
Jacob Charest Feb 2020
A broken temple
Inside my head
where one used to seek refuge
but now it is futile

My brain keeps churning thoughts
too much to process
I made mistakes
unforgivable ones I suppose

They keep saying things will improve
that I am strong
To stand proud
One day the pain will end

Right now I am nothing
Just a lowly specimen
Now I am ready to go
My fiancé of 3 years left me. I've never been this broken in my life. This poem shows my struggles. I will at least try to express my pain through writing.
Jacob Charest Feb 2020
I swallow my sins
Running out of breath
Standing on the ledge
It crumbles beneath me

Out of options
I take the plunge
Into complete darkness

My soul exits its shell
Heart shattering to pieces
Everything is scattered
No matter how hard I try
Picking them up is useless
Jacob Charest Feb 2020
A distant voice speaks out
tells me to wake up
it echoes through my head
a moment of dread

chasing aspirations
a minute passes
my failures catch me
time to gather the masses

hunt me down
pick me back up
show me where I was
show me how things end up

what could this be?
a forgotten fever dream
a simple symphony
a glitch in time
it's all a memory
Jacob Charest Feb 2020
A perplexing voice calls out to me
white light burned into my eyes
shadows of dread and sorrow
a moment's dazzling disguise

my heart plummets once more
disheartening screams of silence
the rise of consternation
a battle I will not win

the walls of my head fall apart
my brain exposed
fleeting feelings of panic and dismay
swirling inside

A voice is needed
to guide and soothe me
for I fear if it does not appear
I shall break again
Jacob Charest Feb 2020
Take solace in my blistered heart
a disarray of bleeding memories
for I will rise from the ashes
unharmed and unscathed

a moment of equilibrium
glances of ambition
shattered photos of weathered faces
it would appear that I've been reborn

Bask upon the decline
the memories once again fade
becoming decadent once more
for I am frail.
This is a poem from when I was in a depressed state of mind. I always write when I feel upset. This poem is about the feeling of hopelessness and falling back into bad habits, which I think we can all relate to. Thanks for reading.

— The End —