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K Balachandran Jun 2018
ravaged stark grey sky,
cloud towers are razed, gone;
coward rain slips down!
K Balachandran Jun 2018
starkly honest sky,
sans any patch of dark cloud;
sun sits in judgement!
Breathtakingly stark
icy pools in somber eyes
distant, secluded
My first ever haiku. How was it?  Any improvements needed?
axr Jul 2017
They hailed Robb of Houses Stark and Tully as the King in the North,
he marched to **** his father's killers
he marched to save his sisters
The Young Wolf,they called him
he'd never lost a battle
his howls echoed all over the North

aye,her son fought valiantly
but he lost
a sword pierced through his heart,
her name on his lips
his first and last words
she screamed in agony
they took her husband's head,
her daughters' innocence,
her sons' hearts.
they made her watch the executioner take her son's head
they made her watch her daughter-in-law beg for help as the men took turns ****** her
when the lion's banners were hanged
and the wolves killed
they pulled her hair,
slit her throat,
threw her naked in the river
and no one forgot,
the Starks of Winterfell.
The North Remembers
The North Remembers
i wrote this last year nut since it's GoT season so i thought of uploading it :D
this one's about catelyn stark
Maggie Georgia Dec 2016
If your heart is cold
and your head is empty
what else is there to love
Except your measly complexion?
Rockie Sep 2015
The only colour
In this sea of grey
Your red lips
Are stark against your pale skin
The only colour
In this sea of grey *suits

Oh London,
You dark, stark city,
Filled with wondrous prospects
For people made of *red.
Ruben Hayward Jul 2015
There're much
In here
    The tumult
  It's ok:
I've learned
To make
  And how
     To bleed
    With the setting sun
   So stealthy
cyanide skies Jun 2015
I am in love with the white walls of potential
white walls, white walls
I am in love with the sky and all the little doves
white, like the white walls
stark but never gray
I am in love with things I'll never be
the white vision of rage
before it is stained red
always searching for the walls
but only the white ones, never just gray
I am in love with the clouds
but not just the sky, never just the sky.
the sins of all the world lie on your head. - imagine dragons
Samantha May 2015
I was clutching on tattered vines
Praying fervently to all that are divine
To let it hold
Please make it hold

I was gripping tightly on my last strand of faith (I'm slipping)
Just let me hold
Let my life hold

Then you pulled at me
And I went crashing
So here I am with a shattered heart, a broken soul and a tattered gown.
This is about how you're barely holding on without going mad and then yearning for some guy's love turns out to be your breaking point. It's titled Stark Naked because I wanted to write something about vulnerability and here it is.
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