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K Balachandran Jun 2018
ravaged stark grey sky,
cloud towers are razed, gone;
coward rain slips down!
Ami Shae Sep 2017
Sighs escape my ravaged mind and soul
I so often feel I have no where safe to go--
safe as in a place where I can truly be
the person who I always thought was "Me."
Sometimes I just cannot find me, you know?
Peter Simon Oct 2016
You were a storm that ruined her.
She was a piece of land who delightedly endured you.
She asked for rain, you gave her hurricane.
And after you're done, you left her ravaged.
But that's fine, she was an artwork;
And she still is.
She gave herself to you, but she'll never give herself to anyone else.

Your paint was the only thing spilled to the canvass;
Her canvass.
And if we are to dust her heart for fingerprints,
I'd be certain we'd only find yours.
© Peter Simon
Jonah Long Apr 2016
In my mind I can imagine panacea for my poison.
My bruised and ravaged body crashes up upon the shore.
Sin leaks from all these wounds, and my friends abandon ship
As I float off to forever with deaths kiss upon these lips.
And I never asked for nothing, and that's just what i got
if my pride dies before i do as I fall I might be caught.
I wasted all my days chasing things that can't be seen.
As I come into your presence, now I know what humble means.
I wrote this after reading the Parable of the prodigal son
Evan Serik S Dec 2014
A tender caress,
Your Skin so sweet,
Sickly to taste now,
Ever since you changed your beat,
Your hearts not the same,
It no longer fits mine,
Cracked on the line,
Tearing off parts of mine,
Splitting in two,
My heart left with you,
You never came back,
So i glued up the cracks,
Gin and rubber,
To fill my void,
Stuck alone,
No space for more,
Your heart fit mine,
But now it's time,
My hearts gone,
My time followed along,
Like a stone i'll wait,
No heart to care,
Dying alone here,
At the wall i stare.

— The End —