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Oskar Erikson Aug 2023
beat into me until i'm broken and the feelings
alight the layer of skin just below the outermost,
like the lining of a jacket, catching aflame.

scratch out the remaining worries with the spines of your teeth.
rake me upwards, shred the doubts like old sunburn peel, and peel and peel the layers of mistrust off of me till i'm raw, pink and ready.

never has this body not been scarred
without first feeling excitement.

since you pierced it, now you're responsible. I'll chase that ownership, mutually owed, to the end of all meaning. till the sensations are the only bits that still make sense, and then you can make up for everything else.

only after this, after everything else is spread across a blood splattered floor, can things start again. only once you make up for not returning the parts of me. only once my remaining organs, now calcified, have been cracked to their inner ichor, and you tip me gently into your thankless lungs.

only once the prostration, the words left since butchered into me, have been flayed by your regret, and raised to the height of saints.

hang me up.
swing by my legs and wrap around the root of me like you once would.
debase yourself inside of me again, learn to build something again. dig deeper than needed again, strike copper in my veins so I can oxidise again. watch me alight again, at your briefest touch.
mjad Sep 2020
So much love within
Fingertips glide over my skin
Hands on my sides
While meeting my insides
Entire body shivers
With the way you deliver
Eyes roll back again
Over the way you have me bend
One night is never enough with you
I want an entire lifetime, or two
Daisy Hemlock Aug 2020
people staring
lights glaring
Liam Labbe Jan 2020
he slinks through the shadows, wispering in peoples ears, spreading messages, stories, passing from lips to ear, hidden behind hands,

"he tells the best stories"
"he's so funny"

the words tumble out his mouth, faster and faster, a rushing river of need to say, of get it out, loosing control, saying it to any ear near him, to anyone who will react, who will hear his cry

"I didn't want to know that"
"why'd you tell them that?"

listening ears turn away as the words twist, become mangled and ugly, things that should be forgotten but are engrained, stories of when he went to far, almost fell, almost lost his thrown

"keep it to yourself"
"what's wrong with you"

but the words keep coming, they need to be heard, to be shared, to be listened to, he needs someone to hear his story because maybe if he says it enough, if enough people listen, he can be free

he stands alone in a dark room, no more whispered words, no more passing secrets, no more truths spilled, he talks to empty ears, tears on his cheeks

"it's not enough"
GGA Jan 2015
Oversharing on your social feed
Everyone knows your wants and needs
Save for those who really care
To the rest of us you need not bear
Your lunch and dinner were had, we see
Relationship status updated several times a week
How can it be?
I remember a day we shared with ourselves
Worries and whims on paper with pen
In a book called a journal or diary
it would have been
Discreet it was then
As it should be again
I can't wait for the sharing to end.

— The End —