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thoughts to dump Mar 2023
maybe the women
in my neighborhood
only knew panic
and outbursts
when situations
feel worse than ever
while i've been
teaching myself
how to be nonchalant,
i'm acting chill
on the outside
but my mind
has been drawing
maps and trails
on how i should get there,
the easiest and safest
route to meet you halfway
thoughts to dump Feb 2023
"do you see colors?" he asked;
"no, i can hear them," she replied.
thoughts to dump Feb 2023
do not show me love
in ways that you only know
ask me and i'll tell you how
thoughts to dump Feb 2023
i used to
my sanity
but now,
it's nearing
thoughts to dump Nov 2022
and maybe they despise me
for knowing too much
their secrets and lies
daydreams and nightmares
or what keeps them awake at midnight up until dawn
their fantasies and broken dreams
their exes, their exes new man
their google activity, followers and following
likes, heart reactions, comments
girls they spend their short term attention span on tiktok
or the girls they look up on instagram and facebook
their dump accounts
exes they chase using these dump accounts
or girls they exchange dm's with
girls they lie to and tell them they were always
the one being left behind when in fact
they were the ones who left and never said a word
girls who believe in them making them feel like heroes
and knight in shining armors when they were the real villains
yeah, i know too much
i know these much
that's why it's not easy to build trust
thoughts to dump Nov 2022
is it me or my anxiety?
althrough the days and nights
i've been trying to keep my sanity
but anytime now
i'm gonna burst and pop
like a balloon if no one will stop me
thoughts to dump Oct 2022
and one by one
i tore these petals
he loves me,
he loves me not
then side by side
i weigh the priorities
this isn't right
he shouldn't be
crossing off of my mind
because like a sharpened knife
he pierces through my heart
and makes me bleed
every day, every night
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