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you were someone
who made me stop and stare
then became a breath of fresh air
can i just call you mine,
'cause i don't wanna share
maybe you needed freedom
and i chased peace
should our stars realign
i would want to wish,
come be my rest,
keep me in your sight
keep me sane.
something i wanted to feel
there are some nights
when you can’t be asleep
you’re out there partying with your friends
sipping every glass of champagne
jiving to the echoing soundboxes
owning the floor, like a dancing queen
and then, there are also nights
when you should be asleep but you aren’t
you’re there on the cold **** floor
thinking all of the crazy stuff you did last summer
sipping the bottle of beer from the fridge
listening to the cringey music
from the old record player
occasionally tiptoeing,
as if waltzing with an imaginary partner
and finally, there are nights
when no matter how hard you try to sleep
for no reason your eyelids wont heed
you stare through the dark night, across the ceiling
maybe, somehow, you’re awake in someone’s dreams
he kept saying your name, whispers in the thin air
and then you sigh, “oh please, let me sleep.”
in the middle of the night
my mind has been
wandering lately
creating love stories
with every
you sent me
lalalove me
i have dyed my hair twice
cut it off several times
my phone went from
drained to fully charged
but i still think of you
and everything
we've been through
from every heartbreak song
i listen to the radio
now, i wonder
do you ever think of me too?
she was your august
your summer fling
but i'm living for
the hope of it all
that i'm still your
new year's day,
your not so secret valentine
in february
wishfully thinking
maybe we could
restart september innocently
forgetting what happened
between april and may,
then we'll spend the holidays
come december and
your birthday.
to live for the hope of it all
but somehow what we do need
isn't really a lover to keep us sane
but someone, a one call away
always ready to listen to all our rants
at 12am, when we can't stop overthinking,
and can't fall asleep
while the rest of the world
has already been offline since 10pm.
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