Sylus Fox Apr 5

I have been diagnosed
With everything from depression
To borderline personality disorder,
To early stages of bipolar
Throw in some eating disorders,
A childhood trauma or two
Or three.  
I have been medicated
Gone through years
Of therapists trying so hard
To discover underlying issues.

Only one thing had been certain
I'm fucking crazy
And they don't know how to fix me.

Sylus Fox Apr 4

I believe you could be home to someone
If home truly is where theheart is,
your very good at stealing hearts,
But you have far too many tenants.

~Sylus Fox
Sylus Fox Feb 25

You were a statement,
a brick wall,
covered in small pieces of graffiti,
lost in a noisy city.
Barely noticed.

So you changed.
You tore yourself down,
giving away pieces
to anyone who would take them
destroying the subtle art.

I had to leave,
unable to stand the gravel
of you at my feet,
like a part of me
was in that rubble.

They all noticed you then
a small glimpse from the corner
of their eyes,
no one pays attention
to a neon jumble.

When I came back
you had lost all but three
spray painted pieces,
no matter how much I tried
I couldn't recreate you

Nothing will live
in the broken space
you once occupied completely,
so I walked away for good
You are not salvageable.

Sylus Fox Jan 14

Please don't cry for my life
Your tears won't heal scars
And they'd be wasted anyways
You can't cry away the years
Can't take away the nightmares
Besides I've grown fond of them
Like friends from past lives
Whispering memories in my ear
Sighing lies of I love you and
It's not your fault.
So keep your tears locked behind your eyes
Keep your pity to yourself
There's nothing that could save my life

Sylus Fox Jan 10

Roses are red
Violets are blue
There goes my heart
Don't know what to do
Today's almost done
Tomorrow is new
And so I'll just sit here
Thinking of you

Sylus Fox Jan 10

I do it to hurt you
As much as I hate to admit
Sleeping in his arms
Is just so you notice I'm there
So maybe he'll say something
And you'll remember
What that was like before.
I can promise its different now,
It dosen't twist my stomach
Into the same knots as you did
And I still feel human afterwards
But maybe it's less fun this way
And maybe that doesn't matter
Because it's all for you.

Sylus Fox Jan 9

And maybe it's not my place to say it
But she's no good for you at all
I can see the bags under your eyes
And hear the way your voice cracks
You don't have to be with me
But I wish you could be truly happy
Instead of pushing yourself into
Something that's so bad for you.

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