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Pep Sep 2018
To improve her image,
She stared into her liquor,
Then looked into her reflection,
And became disappointed.

She didn't lose any pounds,
She was bound
Hounded down by these heavy pounds.
Her reflection mocked her,
Her self-esteem blocked her,
The public teased her,
And still, she was not pleased.

As she looked in the mirror,
She thought: Could I get any bigger?
Her tears represented her fears
The fear of being fat again
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jaded jewellers jam
jesting junior jousts
joists joined joints
jumping jack
jill knelt
knowing krista love
me now oh please
please please
talk two
virtualized venom
Janna jetted

her words
Desire rod Aug 2016
Pale with no make up on
that's the way I find her most astonishing  
Glowing from the inside out
I'm amused every glance turns into her blushing
it's cute
how her smile shakes away a horrible day  
draws me small hearts making mines race
I pace in circles debating
Does her heart pound when I'm around
Kambry Wilson Mar 2016
Usually I'm calm
I'm easy to be with
But around you?
I'm *******.
My heart pounds
My knees go weak
My head spins
And I fumble
Over speech?
But that isn't me
It's the me
You want me to be
I don't stutter
I don't freak
But around you..
I'm *******.
I don't know about this. I'm bored and have ****** writer's block.
melli7 Dec 2015
if I moved to the moon (like
Xenon) the number of pounds I
contain would be 83.3%
I would be less
according to a scale on the moon
Elisa Holly Apr 2015
Even through all the anger
and disappointment,
I still can’t help but get distracted
by the sound of your voice
as the noise
burns through my thighs,
making my mind race
to that night
where all we heard
were breaths
and hearts
Never tall enough.
Weight too low.
Brown eyes brown hair.
No blue or green.
No blonde or red.
Face of a child.
Pixie hair as thin as air.
Of legal age mistaken for a sweet sixteen.
Of female gender thought to be a young boy.
Cup size sorry didn't make the C.
Jeans don't go past 0.
"You don't know what it's like to be overweight, you don't what it's like to be judged for not looking perfect."
But I do.
"My God you are so small."
"Cute like a child."
"Excuse the interruption would you like a children's menu?"
"Don't lie how old are you really?"
"Look at your tiny arms!"
"I can wrap my arms around you twice!"
"Men like curvy women"
A daily struggle due to image.
Never looking perfect in people's eyes. Always the little one the ugly one of the group.
Never to be seen as anything more.
Eating too much provocking sickness upon myself simply to gain a pound or two.
Never succeeding.
Simply to make myself a perfect image accepted by society.

Kathia Mariana Landeros
My biggest insecurity
Silver Lining Apr 2014
It's amazing
                     Isn't it?
    What a difference

                       I was feeling okay
    Then I stepped on that ****** scale
                                              And now
I'm                   Falling

If only that were a literal statement..
            Then maybe I could forget some shards of myself

And I'll be lighter
I'm back up to my heighest weight. And I'm not okay.

— The End —