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My old friend

Oh my, oh my

Where have you been

You creep back into me

Ever so sneakily.

How i wish, we can make amends

After all this time spent

My old friend,

You cut me open

Then stitch me closed.

My tears flow and flow

Scars open

Bleeding out into the unknown.


Just like that

You shut me off.


Now I am numb

To the bone.

My old friend,

It is either all or nothing with you.

Well I am sick

Of having to come up with reasons

Of why I am not feeling well.

I’m through with you.

Out, Out,

Gone be.

You are not me.

I will not be defined by the lies you shout and whisper to me.

My old friend, you will not take me with you

I have worked too hard,

Towards light,

To stay on my own path.

My mind has blossomed and my heart has been watered

You will not **** me dry.

Leave me, Leave me

Let me be.

The trees,

They whisper to me.

Of the things they want me to believe.

The trees, say

You are strong.

You are tall.

You will rise,

Like me.

The wind,

Whisper’s to me,

Be like me.

Be wild, be free.

Forgive. Let in.

The waves,

Speak to me.

With their resilience,

Their everlasting crash.

Forward and back, Forward and back.

The waves tell me,

Keep going.

The world will still go on without you,
The waves will still crash
The wind will still soar
The trees will still stand tall.
Seasons will change,

So keep going.
Stay strong. Be resilient. Let go, Let in.

Choose Love over Fear.
Choose Love over Fear.

How do I know which one is which?
Can I choose fear and love actively together?

My daunting question is,
Can I lose myself due to love?

Well, my dear.
Do not listen to your fear.

The Universe notices bravery
when you take a leap
in love,
and trust yourself.

That is, what she awaits for you.
For what ever decision you make,
to trust yourself.

The Universe hears you,
but she is waiting for you to listen.

To stop asking everyone around,
for the answers you seek within.

Listen to your inner knowing.

To trust.
To choose love.
To Be brave,
and you will not be disappointed
in what awaits.

When you trust yourself,
and act in love,
Love only expands from here,
my darling.
Kayla Chappell Apr 2020
I have so much love to give

Like the sun gives to us

A light so bright, we can't even see the other side.

But pieces of my heart
Have burned
And flown away
From ash to dust.

There's a light
that still shines through
In my hopes of belief
That there could be a me and you

I empty myself out
And let the universe fill me
With her maternal love

Each breath of oxygen
Mother Earth fills our lungs.

So we must thank her
And never forget
Her love is what keeps us
What bounds us
What keeps our hearts beating
As one.
an oldie but a goodie.
Kayla Chappell Apr 2020
Time has passed now,
I hope you are a part of the waves crashing down
At peace
Hope you are a butterfly flying around somewhere
Forever wandering
Hoping you are the color of deep red since you loved it so much
Filled with passion
I hope you can hear me
And i hope you have let go.
You deserve to be at peace.
I hope you are drinking wine and eating tacos with Marilyn Monroe while dancing to your favorite songs
For eternity

I never realized how much you did for me, the little things.
Im a mess now.
I just wish i could talk to you
The only one who knew what to say
When all came crashing down

I miss arguing with you about little things
And laughing til we cant breathe
You seemed to be the only one who really knew me.
I would do anything to have you back, but i cant keep reflecting on the past.
I have to let go too, but i cant let go of you.
You were my life. All that i knew.
Gone far too soon.
God i wish i woulda knewn.
I would never turn down an outfit you picked out for me,
Just because i love you.
I would never turn down an opportunity to come see you,
Which i know i did towards the end.
Too involved in social dynamics and friends.

I regret it all momma.
What i would do, if i knew, that i would never see you again.
I would have never missed your birthday.

It cuts me to the core.

Just know, i love you so.
I hope you are singing a song.
With not a worry.

Dont stress about me,
Ill be okay, eventually.
I love you infinitely and appreciate all you do for me.

Still sending signs to me.
I love you so.
Like rose said to jack, ill never let go.

I cant wait for us to meet again.
You always called me your angel baby
But you are my angel now.
I can feel you watching over me. <3
I love you my butterfly.
~ To the ends of the universe, til’ the end of time.~

Youronlydaughter -- ~
Kayla Chappell Apr 2020
The slight flicker in my chest

Empowers me with enchantment

Tells me there is hope
Grants me with drive
To find my purpose

To do more,
than simply stay alive.

This feeling,
It tells me
There is something divine
Within my etheric being

I will chase this flicker
Until it’s light takes over me.

I just know,
Kayla Chappell Nov 2019
Out of breathe

Snot on my sleeves
Swollen eyes

When I'm all done
I'll put some makeup on
And no one will know

The smile I put on
is just a show.

It's my new look
Crying eyes and despise
Put some lipstick on,
Just say you're fine.
Smile through the day.
Fake it til you make it,
They say it'll all be okay,
We lie and tell ourselves it's fate.

Whatever helps us sleep better at night
But too many of us don't put up a fight

Now is the time.
To let your truth be heard,
Let your cry roar.

How one moment can you make me feel so special
And the next like,
I never even mattered

Maybe I was only a speck In your Galaxy
But you were my whole night sky.

I would love to forget,
But my heart will not let up.

My heart wants to hold on
Like you are my home
While my mind says
Dummy, let him go.
Throw him to the wolves.

And you know they will devour you
They've been waiting
And I've been watching.

So until then,

Crying eyes and despise
Anxious thoughts and WHY'S.
Messy hair and I don't cares.
  is how I'll be,
Until I can overcome
What happened here.
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