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Jess Jul 19
I want to trace
 your edges
 feel your concaves
where skin hugs the 
 boarders of your physicality 
Collapsing into this warm embrace 
 I Am here, and nothing else matters 
This moment cannot be refabricated
So I cherish
 as this texture 
 engulfes my very being 
Sliding through me, 
 wave after wave 
 Soft tremors radiating my core
 quivering as my valleys
 press tightly against your crest
Penetrating deep beneath the surface 
 my sea has no bottom. 
Building creative tension 
 Gripping the remaining foundation 
 Ceaseless crescendo
All boundaries crumble;
  Where do you end, 
  Where do I begin?
Jul 19, 2020
Jess Jul 15
Cockroaches in corners
Concrete slabs
Clutching, cloaking, choking

Confined and
Constrained of a
Counterfeit life, I was the perfect
Charlatan of my encompassing separation.

Compelled into Self, oh yet
Cumbersome conditioning
Cultivating awareness within
Concentrated compression. I,

Capitulation. Cannot withstand these
Currents of clouded

Comfortable in this
Chaos, as I've finally
Concluded: It comprises all of me.
Completely void

Containing nothing,
Clear from attached perceptions
Captivating Silence.

Come through me
Crawl into my
Crash unto my shore

Caressing sensuality
Cascading        down, down, down
Composing my entirety.
Jul 11, 2020
Jess Jul 15
Wide open, percolation
I breathe in, my own natural rhythm
I feel my entire being
open -- to myself.

I feel sensations, but it is not dramatic
Sometimes gentle stillness;
Other times, downpours ecstatic

Such fullness, in all that I AM,
Simultaneously empty

I AM here,
             I feel movement
                         As it perfectly gushes through me

An absolute trust
           Not in something else anymore
                     But in who I AM
                             And it never fades

I allow myself now
            My spirit alive,
      Constantly singing
                    the song of my soul

Magic was always real
          Just as I knew
                 A harmonious reunion, here with you
                          As I now live my truth.
Oct 2, 2019
Jess Jul 15
I feel like a drink
to wash down the burning intensity of anger and frustration
Temporary feelings of momentary exasperation

I don't expect for you to truly see
what precisely is going on within me
Jul 1, 2019
Breathing turns even
Eyelids close the glass windows
Of the soul I love.
So romantic... *kiss* *kiss*
plant our seed in the soil of your bed
touch me as if sunlight has hands
kiss me as if rain pours from your lips
and love me like a gardener loves
his flowers.
Something random
Just Grace Jul 7
The texture of
My lips

Slur the notes
That drape my hips

Across my midline

Look for us
Just Grace Jul 7
I’ll let you be my prism
I’ll be your muse
Don’t you ever forget
I’ll always love you

I don’t know why they say
“Be careful, they are just words”
What if
Words are all I want from you
Master of mined legends
In this time and place we can no longer be close
I am happy in the company
Of such beautiful words

Vibrantly hazy
soothingly distructive
The inner one
Leaving traces are the best ways
to find your way home
aceladka May 24
Babe I seen here,
Buys moi a drink.
You see and I blush
At a gentle come on

Covered, I'm bare
Us apart, I'm felt inwardly.
Sensitive you there?
Lovebuds, all over me

Juices be yuck, then
Juices yummy
Better, emote me out
And emote in me

Minds'd be tantalized,
You'd overwhelm my senses
Me high, and me satisfied
Now playtime commences...
Written by a hopelessly romantic, moderately *****, gray-asexual demi-male
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