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Happiness  [Proper Noun] - The place where sadness no longer exists. Here I am  contempt, my roots are nourished and my mind converts criticism into serotonin.
You still take up a piece
of my mind.

A corner just for you,
I call it a shrine.

The memories are so
sweet they shine .

They're dulled by the
fact you're no longer mine.
in armor
your pride and
your prejudice corrode
away the joints of your
armor. Rusted into a stationary
singularity you are but one 
moment in an indefinite timeline,
your moment  has passed and
will not collide with my
celestial being once more 
this galaxy is my
playground and
you are just
a spec in
Healing is reactive, when you have been broken as many times as I have.

I heal quickly to minimize scaring as my heart is already a World War 2 scene.

Dug into and dismantled,
Patched back together with quick fix glue.

I grow back fractions of my missing heart like lizards grow back tails, they disregard what they don't need and flee back to safety.

Recovery at the cost of growth but a small whole heart must be better than a big broken one.
I've been gone for a while and thought to come back to publishing my writing and thoughts
Manfred Kriger Nov 2020
I have some bomb *** nudes
that I didn't send to you

Its such a liberating feeling
knowing how much I wanted to
but I chose not too

Letting go has been an
extremely slow process and I
have been my own worst enemy by allowing you free access to come
back to me any time

But this time
I took some bomb *** nudes
and I seduced myself with them
Manfred Kriger Sep 2020
My body has been denounced to sin

                       My mind corrupted with anarchy

      My soul is devoid of peace

            Restlessness has become familiar to me

    I am disconnected from my own reality

                      Time is moving but I am standing still

    I am stagnating forward and sprinting backwards

            I am trying to find the light but my eyes are sown shut

   I have lost all energy to fight so the world is beating me up

            My paradoxical really is swallowing me whole and
        spitting out my bones and I can't help but ask myself
     if this is all worth it?
Manfred Kriger Sep 2020
At times when I'm alone
I think about Simone.
I think about her poetry
and how much her locks have grown,
I wonder if she is still healing
and I pray for her to any messiah.
Simone is just a girl mistreated by a cruel world.
I hope Simone is praying and I hope that it is heard,

I hope that God is female because
praying to a man would reignite her pain.
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