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You are my morning dream
The first I remember and focus on
Present all day in my soul
You warm my heart in the darkest
Go to dream at night with
My secret, my half

I want to feel my hand in your
You know, I have the small one, it will be
little bit funny
I want to smooth my finger on your lips
Enjoy the moment.

You feel to me like a silk
Your touch wash my soul
To cover me with the water
Which makes me alive
You spread love to my body and  mind.

Simply, I miss you and love you
I want be in your arms, as closely as possible.
Touch you, Kiss you. Caress you.
I really don’t want more.

Let's be our spring.
I wish you could feel like me when
spring is coming.
For it the most sensitive time for nature.
It is full of miracles.
Let's be our miracle.

Do nothing only wake up for each other
and go to sleep for closest dreams.

I am with you in my thoughts.
Lying next to you, hugging you, kiss you.
Dreaming with you.
You don't have an idea how I want you
to know, to touch, smile with, joyful cry.
To feel you.

Now we are like a dream to each other.
Waiting. Desiring.
You found me. Only you could.
Found my deep.
Gave me your.

I didn't write you for a while.
Sometimes I feel like you wasn't real
Walking alone in dark eve right now.

It would be maybe brave to say
when everybody hears, but first thing
I imagine about you, is to make love with you.
There is no better moment, isn't?

You raised my her inside me.

Imaging everything: feeling, touching,
your eyes, your lips, our happiness.
How you look at me.
How you know me.
How I feel you on me.
What your next move is.

Become two into one.
For saint reasons.
How lovely nature created us.
How lovely nature created us.

Miss you.

I never hugged you.
I wish you could feel me.
But world never join us together.
Who to blame?
You were always inside me.
I remember you till now. Your words.
You fulfilled me a long time ago
and in to the future.
Who thanks to?
Never hugged you. Looked into your
eyes and ask who to blame that
we never raise us like in our dreams.

I want to feel you. Alone.
I want touch your hair.
Even you are not mine.
I need your tenderness.
In my loneliness.
So that I can forget everything.
Even you are not mine anymore.
I want touch your skin, slightly,
and gently kiss you on the neck.
See you smile.
With your eyes closed.
Even you are not mine at this moment.
I will miss your one day...

I am lonely dancer again
from the time you stopped breathing for me.
But I don't hate you, I love you forever.
Because it is for the first time
when I was not left hurt.
I don't really hate you
because the magic we had it cannot
be covered by anything denying.
For it would be sin.
A sin to everything what in lovers believe
all over the world.
So let believe together in love,
A love which connects us forever.
In mind. In heart.

I want to write you or tell you
what occurred me right now.
But we - both, we are not here anymore.
We don't exist apart from in our memories
and fantasies.
Only in our fantasies.
Our platonic to each other relationship.
Love will remain (Un)fulfilled.
Be there for me now and tomorrow,
Do you feel my deep sadness, sorrow?
I want to feel your sky fall again
Our story had so many words to explain

Be there for me now and tomorrow
Never thought it would be seven years in row
I want to feel your sky fall again
I want to feel your life-giving rain

Be there for me now and tomorrow
Face it all together but story new…
Breath you in, my life
Breath you out, my bad days
If it could be so easy.

Breath you in, the love
Feel you deep inside me
And never let you disappear.

Breath you in my happiness,
Breath you out my loneliness.
Never put me down.

Breath you in, my life
If it could never end.
Live forever like a love.
#life #love #breathe
There is no bigger pain when soul feels is innocent and alone, and nobody's here to help you.
To save you.
#soul #pain #life
Leave me alone you
Who joined my soul deeply when
I prayed God to help
I missed you so much
You left and hurt me
We were total free
To love each other in past

You appear again and
My heart was still hurt
I am afraid to open up for you

Tell me something my love
You left an hurt me
What did you do without me

I want to believe it again
Our love can be spread
And to love each other

Love me more this time
I will forgive you now
What you did you to me in past.
Evil stuck on me
Never ask for it
Present for a very long time

Devil deconstruct his piece
When my soul called for love
Lonely and wanted be rescued

Nobody cared. I shouted out loud.
Lout possibly as I could
Expressed it in many ways

Nobody listened me

Now I must stand tall again
Fight for any new day
So hard it is. So hard.

I feel so lonely...
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