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Darina Forgacova Aug 2019
Earth must be a woman
Full of new life everywhere and every time
Feel her beauty and protect Her
Message from Earth to You
message from Earth to you
Darina Forgacova Feb 2019
There is nothing on other planets
Only dust, sand and gases.
There is so much on the Earth
Water, plants, animals and people.
Why? Do you have an answer?
From where it came? For what reason?
Will we have an answer someday?
Science has not all answers yet.
What does say your fantasy?
Earth is miracle. Do you know that now?
Darina Forgacova Feb 2019
Sometimes there is a days full of emptiness
Sometimes you feel full of feelings
Which make you stop and just sitting.
Maybe waiting for nothing. Thinking.
Sometimes you feel lonely that
You think the love is almost gone.
It is gone and so far.
But you hope it will come one day
In a different shape and look.
Sometimes you must wait for so long.
Sometimes it is hard…
Sometimes you should be more optimistic :)
Darina Forgacova Jan 2019
Flowers remind me new life
I am not sure why I love them
Maybe because they are here to love people
In regard that people love them too
Appreciate this incredible relationship
Flowers remind you love, simple love
In nature they wait to be adored by you
Take care of flowers, please.
Don´t want more to say now...
Who knows how flowers will look like in next centuries?
Darina Forgacova Dec 2018
My life is full of thorns.
Sadness and loneliness.
I can´t move on in my life.
Everything seems to be lost.
When I´ll find my rose again?
My flower leaves felt apart.
I am afraid it is for good.
Forever. Completely.
I am waiting for the sun.
But what if it will not save my rose...
I don´t know. When unhappiness come, sometimes you don´t see light in this darkness.
Darina Forgacova Nov 2018
There is no worse like loneliness.
It so hurts. So painy feelings.
Where are you? The right one.
I want to feel you in my arms.
Where are your smile to me?
Where are your steps towards me?
I am waiting for you so long.
I am tired, really tired.

I'll be there when you'll come.
And give you everything what I have.
We will be happy together, I am sure.
As we know love is the best what we
have and give each other.
When you will come?
Darina Forgacova Oct 2018
Look on these trees, full of white caps
River flowing down the hill, so clean
There is not only dust as on other planets

We have variety of colors in flowers
Amounts of shapes, symmetries and heights
There is not only dust as on other planets

So many types of animals, their diversity
And mankind. Human, You man and woman,
There is not only dust as on other planets
And no loneliness. Nope. We are each
other neighbor. How lovely is it!

Can you see this miracle? Can you feel it?
We have billions of chances to get feel
magnificent, to get feel surrounded.
There is not only dust as on other planets
Never alone. Praise that miracle!
Earth is our home, giving us place to live. We need give place to live for plants and animals also. Don´t forget.
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