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Jon Thenes Nov 2018
Guarantee the familiar
Body the Juvenile recipe
spark authority
give clutch
a drunk torrent
of confusion
**** each new Moon
a loud Need
perhaps heart
is chesting
a pale secretion ?
I ask my self:
Was I the only one
to ever love you?
Between us two?
No, no, you loved
Yourself too, all the while
leaving me unloved
Both by you and
As it happens, by me too -
All this would not have
Changed had you not left
And now I slowly
After  breaking saw too
That I can love my self so.
Even after you after all.
Phi Kenzie Aug 2018
A voice of the sun
Eyes that shine in the moonlight
Oh crap they saw me
Amanda Jun 2018
I looked at you for
The first time without fog and
Saw my soulmate
Without ****** clouding up my brain i see things so much clearer now, one of those things being Tay.
I saw you
our eyes met

Distance became a barrier
Of a few walks away

You smiled and I saw it

We fell in love
We didn't know

We saw
We came
We loved


Meant you and me.
We saw We came We loved
Mark Wanless May 2018
Haiku 13

what i saw a long
   time ago, was truly new
in this short small life
ShowYouLove Mar 2018
I looked up to the cross and down deep inside
I saw redemption and the shame I can't hide
I looked up to the heavens and down on the city streets
Now and then I glimpsed where hurt and healing meets
I looked from the four ends of the earth
And there I experienced a kind of rebirth
I looked from the richest to the poorest of there
Where I stood there was more to wealth than what I see
I saw that they were joyful, so warm and real
They lived with such enthusiasm; such zeal!
I looked up from my little world to see what awaited
I saw there a great big place so wonderfully created
I looked back and saw that things had shifted
I began to see how I was gifted
I looked to God and saw his Merciful Heart
And in my inmost being a change would start
I looked to God and saw his Precious Blood
And I was washed clean in that Holy Flood
I looked to God and saw his Body Broken
And I saw him with arms Held Open
I looked to God and felt a kind of Power
That remains every day until my Final Hour
CJwords Mar 2018
I saw the future …

I saw the future, and it was joy.
I saw the future, and it was life.
A prince in his father’s kingdom, was I.
I have all, I need not, I want not.

I saw the future, and it was grim.
I saw the future, and it was death.
An orphan without a home, was I.
I am poor, I am shunned, I am alone.

I saw the future

I am light, but I am blind.
I am water, yet I burn.
I am life, but I am death.
I am heaven, yet I burn.

I saw the future.

I made a choice.
The future is built on choices. Choose wisely.
smash my teeth
wisdom crushed
come an try
to title me

my secret life
there is
secret life

who is this luring to me
what worm
hook taken

trust that we would never
devour you
dream world bubble

quit blowing me
my *******

There is a woman; looking at the sky,
I want to approach her; but I'm shy.
She was filled with sadness; and she was about to cry,
However; I chose to approach her and asked her why?
She just answered me; of her sigh,
I tried to sit beside her; but she stood up saying goodbye.

"What's your problem?" as I asked her,
"Stay away from me." as she told me but suddenly she held my hand and told me "my eyes starting to blur."
I was worried about that time; until she lost her sight,
She's fainting and I'm nervous about the incident; i know this is not alright.
I helped her and carried her; to the hospital,
Nurse asked "Is she your friend?" I answered "Yes, a little."
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