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Mokomboso Sep 2014
Let me inject you into everything
Let me interweave you into the everyday
Be the words that leave my lips, whenever speech begins
Why can’t I just do things quietly?
Why do I scream out the activity?
Hoping someone out there hears me?
Someone must share my intensity, someone must want to converse with me
With the same frantic gesticulation, obsessive wonderment
Envelope me in your comforting repetition
Never leave my side, my drug like addiction
Breathe you like the solvent you are
Flammable and irritant, no one wants to know you
No one wants to be you, they want me to stop
Quieten down, so intense, too much they say
I want to do things the nonchalant way
To spread my focus evenly over the landscape
The valley is a mass of green, scan the horizon
But here I am, stroking this **** blade of grass
You embarrass me but you make me
I am ashamed but I need this, my blade of grass
My sameness

— The End —