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Mar 2019
To Our Weary Souls,

If you build a wall between us
How long till you break it down?
Will it corrode over time
Will it continue to make us blind

If you grow acres of fields
And call it yours
Will you **** the unwelcome
Or will you let them explore

Will you tell them to leave
As the night tells the day
Because when you close your eyes
You want to keep the threats at bay

So I ask you now
Who do you turn to?
When your fields flood
And your cattle is diseased

Will you turn to your neighbor
And what if you have none?
Will you turn to the sky
That’s been ebon like your eyes

Is your heart broken from the loss
Do you long for a change
From this god forbidden place
Are there parasites in your skin
Do you feel them deep within

Well so do they
But you refused to hear
Instead you built a wall
A wall too near

Just so your hand could push for miles
As all of our cries, echoed to the heavens.
Written by
Elena  27/F/Virginia
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