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KMarie Jun 2
Each time the world watches
As we fall apart
Widely we’re together
With a broken heart
We want to help change things
But no one’s here to lead
We see you and we hear you
We can feel it when you bleed
Our tears will dry tomorrow
Until they start again
We try to take steps forward
But it never ends
When will we love each other
It all really depends
On those who can’t be bothered
With helping out their friends
Speak up for one another
Even those without a voice
Without the unity of our people
We really have no choice
We have to show our children
How to be aware
Of something you can’t see
But it’s always there
Put down all your privilege
Set aside your pride
Stand up and be heard
And stop trying to hide
We will stand by every word
We come together for our friends
We will support you every step of the way
Until this madness ends
KMarie Apr 13
When we close our eyes
And take in the silence
We truly hear what is calling to us
Deep within we yearn
Not for things outside of us
But for someone to merely understand
The chaos within our soul
KMarie Mar 25
The deafening silence
The still world surrounds us
Our fear louder than our voice
But we have no choice
We must stand tall
The irony of it all
We’ve created a life
Which we’ve taken for granted
All the choices made up until now
They have brought us here
Against our will we are held
At the mercy of nature
Once again our kind is brought to our knees
By the unseen
And yet we will still survive
We won’t change when this calms
And we will live once more with
Ignorant bliss, selfish and useless
Using our time to unwind the progress made
It will become history
And some day we will fall again
Oh, the irony of it all
KMarie Mar 19
When you look back at your life
Will you wonder where you went wrong
Or will you smile knowing
That even though the days were long
And times got tough
You gave enough
People will say they give it their all
But when I say I give it enough
I feel that I won’t lose myself
We give our all and we have a tendency
Of losing ourselves in the process
Or becoming a victim to dependency
Living your life free of need
It doesn’t have to make you bleed
Loving hard but not giving it all away
Don’t give up on you for love
Knowing that you can give enough
And that in itself is enough
That’s when you’ll know
You have it right
KMarie Mar 3
Let me love you
    a little longer
    a little more
    a little wilder
    like no one before
    a little deeper
    a little darker
    a little harder
    with my lips on yours.  

KMarie Mar 3
A morning glory
Blooms inside
The stormy sea
In her eyes
How you long to be alone
With her gypsy soul
Her fierce love
The fire glows
Passionate nights
Her true devotion
Many fearless heights
Depths deeper than the ocean
Take her hand
Always go
But only with her heart in tow
KMarie Mar 3
Don’t outgrow me just yet
Don’t ever forget
I was here at your darkest
I’ll never regret
The love I give you
Please stay true
To us
I know it’s mutual
Whether you say it or not
It’s the best that I’ve had
And I’ve had a lot
I know that sounds bad
I can’t help but be true
You’re my favorite person
The way you have been
I’d try for forever
If you’d try again  
We are so good together
Please don’t change to someone new
I love the person you are
I really love you
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