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NJ Brown May 2018
I miss her too you know?
The girl I used to be
She's been gone,
Hibernating from this ice cold earth
They don't deserve any of what she's worth
As frostbite teased the very tips of her heart,
in pain
Her only fear was that she may never feel again
As the tears traveled down my cheeks, with the inability to speak
I know that I have failed her
All that I had once felt has turned into the nothingness he felt
He'd judged her, for loving love
It is the shallow emptiness of the walls my fingers fill, desolate of emotion
It is not my own, but those of the people whose juices I thought would colour my world
Re inviting the old me in.
Unable I was to discover my old self
But still solace is found
For from fire She will return
As recent tears are dried before escaping the ducts
I am warm
Even at a distance from the winter sun
I am warm
Because a Phoenix Unconquered is the old me
I was recently, verbally harassed for being Bisexual, and it being my first encounter, I shunned myself for being who I really am, while trying to recover, I tend to forget that I need the "me" that I pushed aside to be completely okay with who I am
Mary Frances Oct 2017
Emotions are pure.
Intentions are true.

As eyes wander,
my heart flutters.

Can you not feel?
Can you not see?

My heart still palpitates,
soul still anticipates.

But feelings are already far
and I am now barred.

For you are with another
and mine no longer.
moziq Aug 2017
Dread brought out from my forest of feelings.
I order myself around, head down, don't show your blush, your face is flushed, they're gone now look up.
I have a crush; But this isn't just a crush its a crime, against God, my mother, that girl who just said gross.
More orders.
Sit down, look away as she smiles in your face because you will only fall harder for her.
Oh, how I wish I could touch her hair and see if its really as soft as it looks.
her eyes are so inviting and they seem deeper than the ocean.
Flawless or flaw filled skin I Don't care!
All I see is a beautiful girl that will never be mine, on the sidelines is where I stand at the dance.
Waiting for a dance with her that will never happen.
Just another to the puzzle and I'm exactly the perfect fit for a best friend just not a girlfriend.
Those eyes.
So full of wonder and joy but mine only filled with pain because she doesn't  feel the same as I do.
Sit down, don't look around, don't breathe in her flowery scent as if is your last breath.
The roses only bloom in the spring but she is a rose of another breed, blossoming into the most beautiful flower all year round.
Slim fingers for a warm embrace, oh if I could trace the lines in her face I would remove every frustration.
Her mind is as beautiful as she, knowledge filled, ready to build up walls to keep everything out.
I want to tear down them down, see her frown turn up. My orders.
Don't touch her rosy cheeks, stop trying to peak at her smile, when she asks you what's wrong brush it off!
If we could just go back to first grade where I first fell for her I would never have said hello.
Kept my mouth shut and taught my heart to do the same.
Most say that I'm confused and that I can never truly understand love but I do.
I love her!
My Final orders.
Be a Good Friend.
Don't cry.
Don't let her see you pain
Kasey Park Feb 2017
I remember the day I became a boy
From the small little kid I was
That transformation changed my life
For the better or worse
Who knows

It happened on the playground
While playing freeze tag
He grabbed my hand to run
But just a little too tight
And my heart went BADUMP

****** my hand back, froze on the spot
And he stopped running too
"What's wrong" he asked "are you ok?"
I wasn't feeling sick and I could count 1-10
But my heart was all confused

From then on I could never go back
To being some random kid
From now on I was a boy
With feelings, emotions and love
Soon to be a man.
When you have your first crush
By: Jack Wilder (Ramon Carlos T. Castillo)

Tell him I said "hi",
I think it was a lie,
When I told myself,
I wouldn't fall for him.

Tell him I asked "why?",
We couldn't see what we could've become,
How it would've been all perfect,
But I forgot these were all just what ifs and would haves.

Tell him I wanted to go back,
Visit the past when were still just good friends,
I could've settled for just that,
But selfishness occured.

Tell him I asked "is it wrong?",
For me to fall in love with him?
That it was considered sin,
For me to look after someone with no conditions given?

Tell him this is goodbye,
I think it's best we part ways,
I'm done with being jealous and not being able to do anything,
That it breaks my heart to see him with someone.

But one last thing,
Ask him if I could just love him from afar,
Because seeing his smiles,
Heals the wounds he gave my heart.
I wrote this poem for my childhood friend who I was in love with for 9 years and up until now. I haven't had the guts to tell him, he's straight and I'm gay... We won't work out
Pluviophilist Oct 2015
The storm roars,
The wind blows,
The ocean rises,
But I still remain the same

The rain falls,
The thunder growls,
The earth trembles,
Yet, I am still me

The leaves may turn brown,
The sky may turn black,
The birds may stop singing,
But I may not change

The love I gave yesterday,
The love I give today,
And the love I will give tomorrow,
Is the same love you'll ever receive from me....forever.
Evie Hammond Jul 2015
I love our multi coloured rainbow street
Where many tongues and hues and flavours co-exist
Where those that could not marry once before now can, and thrive
I find solace here amongst these dispossessed
Belonging and acceptance
Some would say ghetto
I say home
A tribute to the place I live - a wonderful loving muti cultural street within a very traditional old fashioned rural community.
Marley Marie Apr 2015
They Say loving you is wrong
but wrong to me feels right,
im in love with your kisses and how you hold me at night,
im not supposed to love you but your the only person I like, emotionally,sexually & physically you fit just right your the reason I stopped crying over the bs at night, you held me in your arms and told me it was alright, you was by my side when I gave up on life because I couldn't take the pressure by standing up for my rights to love the same ***
they say be yourself, be happy and free, but how can I do that when a sin is all they see, I love you, im in love with you no matter what we can share the same love with our middle fingers up....
Sie Feb 2015
People tell me my love is wrong.
People tell me my love is sin.
People tell me my love will go to hell.

These people do not know what real love is.

When I am with her it's like I can clearly think for once.
When I am with her I can see the beauty and colors.
When I am with her I can see a future with happiness.

Then I kiss her and I know nothing will stop me.
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