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re Dec 2020
do i ever cross your mind?
do i ever cross on your every eyesight?
does that bedsheet still make you blind?
does my last phrase stuck still in your every fight?

does the eleven-eleven thing still you be wished?
every countdown you thought you could fix
3, 2, 1, your heartbeat stopped in the same doorway you pleased
does her love give you the same feels?

been a rush, my fault
for the sake of a hush, it had to be yours
as taylor said you would come back to me
sure thing, it couldn't be a future tense

barely made it
a bit more space and faith
but solely, again, honey,
i dodged the warning;
determining a peace for two
would never be a dream come true
re Jul 2020
you promised me the light
but i was left unguided

you promised me a forever
but we were the worst we could ever
re Apr 2020
these days are hard for us
to be unmistaken
thought we got lost in the rush
or merely we’re not yet awaken

rise and recline
all the way stuck in this cycle
satisfied and then brood over
just as fast as the eyes-goggle

we repetitively
have been metamorphosed
and hopefully
turn into something immortalised
re Apr 2020
you expect the perfection
i expect the acception

what a negotiation
  Feb 2020 re
The Morning Glory starts to bloom
The day after tomorrow comes briskly
Meaningful day for the gardener
Yet it goes within silence
No words is spoken
Not even from his precious
  Feb 2020 re
she is a happy ending,
not everyone can wait for.
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