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N Pescador Jan 29
Stop texting
Stop calling
Stop making me feel special
Just stop
Stop saying you love me
Stop lying
N Pescador Jan 22
Im not sure if i already have moved on
But i saw you in my dream
I don’t know what does it mean
If i just missed you or you’re thinking of me
But im happy
Im happy that i saw you
Even if it was a dream
N Pescador Jan 22
Im in my own house but i cant breath
Im with my family but I can’t be who i am
I wanna go out
Jut a little while to be me
The real me
To breath
Im suffocating
And getting depressed
Day by day
I can’t breath
N Pescador Jan 22
There is a reason I said I'd be happy alone
It wasn't because I thought I'd be happy alone
it was because I know if I loved someone
then it fells apart
i might not make it
its easier to be alone
because what if you learn you need love then you don't have it
what if you like it and lean on it
what if you shape your life around it  then fells apart
can you even survive it?
that kind of pain
losing love is like dying
the only difference is death ends
this, it could be forever
N Pescador Jan 15
you're too good for me
i know it and i think you know it too
i should get out of your own way
it's wrong for feeling this way
deep down i know it
there's no happy ending to this story

i'll walk away
no looking back
but before that
im going to say it
for the first time and probably the last
there's no stopping me

its ok if you don't feel the same way
i will smile every time you'll smile
i will laugh every time you'll laugh
but if you ever find yourself looking for me
i'll still be here
waiting for you
N Pescador Jan 15
Dad look
I am good at taking care my sibling
Would you look at me now?

Dad look
I have perfect scores in all of my tests
Would you look at me now?

Dad look
I'm good at volleyball
Would you look at me now?

Dad Look
I'm already in college
Would you look at me now?

Dad Look
I graduate with honor
Would you look at me now?

Dad I'm getting tired now
Look at me dad
What do you want me to do?
For you to look at me
N Pescador Jan 10
Don't you see?
I want you to show me
Not to hide me

Don't you hear?
I am begging

I want you to say I am your girl
Not to whisper in my ears
But say to the world

Don't you feel?
I am belittling myself
Everytime you say I am your childhood friend

What should I do?
For you to be proud of me
For me to be enough
For you to be contented

I am yours
Is that not enough?
what should I do to make you happy to be with me?
Is loving me really that hard to do?
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