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Jamilla May 2019
I didn't sleep. Coz I'm scared
Scared of what might happen in the next morning.
Jamilla Oct 2018
I stopped being me long time ago
I can't even remember who that was now
Jamilla Oct 2018
I am not addicted to alcohol or drugs,
   I am addicted of escaping reality.
Jamilla Sep 2018
Met this man before
Wearing a simple gray shirt paring with dark blue jeans and a sneakers
I promised myself I wouldn't fall inlove to him
Never knew that an angel-good looking guy would make a stone-hearted women fell inlove to him
Jamilla Sep 2018
I was dying to hear someone say
That I didn't need
To try so hard to be perfect,
That I was enough,
Its okay to cry,
To be just
Be me.
Jamilla Sep 2018
Badly need someone to lean on
My knees are weak, so faint and down-and-out
My tears are falling, my pretention is over.
Jamilla Sep 2018
Would you look at me the same
      If you saw all my scars?
      If you knew all my pain?
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