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Ellie Geneve Apr 2020
I drink my morning coffee,
gulp after gulp,
searching for sanity
in the bottom of the cup
Ellie Geneve Jan 2020
When you set the bird free,
how did she know where to go?

was she waiting for this moment?
counting seconds patiently near the cage door?

was she longing for someplace?
for someone else?

I saw the bird you set free
know exactly where to go

So confidently,
she flew across the balcony
and headed east

And I wondered
if you ever set me free,
would I know where to go?
Ellie Geneve Oct 2019
When hope hurts,
and dreams only breed nightmares

you are not
the sum of your mistakes,
nor the divisions
of your failures
Ellie Geneve Nov 2018
Fallen arches
sound so poetic,
but they only mean
flat feet

I took my flat feet
to a battlefield
We watched
the people cheer
for the pain of others
Faked their way
Through syllables and
Eye wrinkles

They call them crow's feet
Too good a name for them
I call them
Cat scratch disease

I took my flat feet to a battlefield
they dug their way into the cement

my fallen arches
found a ground to stand on
they fell
So I won't
Ellie Geneve Aug 2018
An empty house
on a cloudy afternoon

If I had known
I would've packed my bags
And escaped this harsh reality

Surround myself with people
Drown all the muted silence

Dripping drops
In my kitchen sink
Wasting water
As I'm wasting ink

My therapist
Told me to write

So many times I've craddled a journal and caressed a pen
Only to find myself falling asleep
With the ink flowing on my skin
Like its trying to write something

I once woke up to an ink stain on my couch
Finally some color in this boring pastel house

An empty house
Isn't an empty home

Sometimes I forget
Ellie Geneve Aug 2018
I wallowed in the mud for too long
now I'm knees deep in quicksand

"lie on your back," they say
I've been lying here for ages

whatever I do feels like unlocking
only one of endless cages

sometimes I wonder
if everyone struggles the same
or did I put myself in the cages?
am I the one to blame?

infinity minus one?
is infinity just the same
it doesn't have to be an infinity of pain
Ellie Geneve Jun 2018
Either ends of a tunnel
Look like light
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