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XIII Jun 2015
Bad internet!
Feeding you with many things to compare to.
Like someone else's relationship, degree, traveled places, and many others. Thus, making you think that yours is a miserable one. Worse is we all know its effects to us, but we keep coming back.
XIII Jun 2015
After running some tests
Injecting needles in your veins
******* blood from you even if it's the only ounce left

He says you're sick
Holding a pen, he prescripts
It's for you to buy, a list of medicines

And so you have to try
You have no choice but to buy
Or else, as per Dr. Quack Quack, you'll die

As you take in
Your wallet's thinning
While the packets of medicines are still stacking

Then another symptom came
And so you have to visit the clinic again
Déjà vu you thought, Dr. Quack Quack greeted you smiling

He says you're sick again
Holding a pen, he prescripts again
It's for you to buy again, a list of medicines

Oblivious to you
He's preparing his checklist too
After traveling to Europe, next stop to Honolulu
There are black demons hiding behind their white coats.
a gale Aug 2014
The wind danced through her skin
humming his name in her ear
the daylight breaks through
aiming for her touch
Though darkness crowded
in her eyes.

She pretends it’s his fingers,
his voice, his aimless touch
that hoped to see
the lightness in her eyes
once more.

She pretends all she wants
clouding her thoughts with lies
but unable to hide the truth
of how sad it is
to have loved someone,
to love someone,
and always love someone
who has been touched by death.

*a. gale
XIII Jul 2014
Have you ever wondered,
when can all people love you?

If I tell you, would you dare?
That's what death can bring you.
Everyone will love you when you're dead.

— The End —