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Fireflies Mar 2021
I have never been loved
Or maybe i have, i just need to be reminded
Maybe the bad overpowered the good and now my heart has been numbed.
Leaving love to be something i once upon a time desired.
sofia Jul 2020
the night sky is a herculean mansion of the stars which
glitter in grace, beauty and evanescent
until the dawn overpowers them.
Alan S Bailey Jul 2019
Getting close to escape, nearing the curb,
Sharp high heels, a statue silhouette,
She's daddies little girl, heavily insured,
Forget the pay day, "tough life regret."

She'll carry on, sit in a velvet chair,
Keep the rock solid cement stare,
Backed by societies interest air,
She'll pick up where daddy left off,
Even if he has to make it harder
If she chooses to follow here own path,
She'll be the spark, the fire starter,
On her way "nowhere," "gods own wrath."

She'll be a little princess, her training starts today,
Give them a dollar, she'll save it for a rainy day,
And the moment she "feels threatened" dad will pray,
It's just a hobby to force the jacket when she's cold,
To teach her she's got to wear pink, do as she's told.

Daddies given her everything, or she can be the one
Who holds the weight, she'll know she's been disowned,
She'll work off all of the hate-a silhouette-now all alone,
A marionette who's lost-strings-clipped-without a home.

Better off to be herself than living off of "humble pie" rich stash,
She'll be living a happy life, be herself, no strings attached...
This is what I know of crushingly reckless beauty in
that which overpowers us like a wild storm at sea
or the impossible mountain;

The Devil is in the detail but God is in the whole picture.
baz Jan 2015
you’re the dominating devil
*and I’m your seductive sinner
Amitav Radiance Jun 2014
Sometimes one has to face the Chimera
Attacked from all sides with lethal intensity
Fighting an imaginary demon, a solitary war
Either, one will emerge a winner, or demonized
Tame the Chimera, before it annihilates
Here 'Chimera' is used as 'metaphor'. Chimera, according to Greek Mythology is a monstrous fire-breathing creature composed of the parts  of multiple animals.
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