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Kyle Mouat Mar 21
To you,oh dangerous road
Who sweeps many a traveler off of their feet,
Carry me off to distant lands
That I might see the beauty
That is laid alongside you
Before my short journeys end;

Upon that end allow me peaceful rest
On the most distant mountain
Under the line ancient oak
Gazing at the setting sun
Waiting for the light of moon and stars
To bathe me as I enter a deep slumber

And dream of damp, wet days
With darkened grey skies
Miles over fields of green
Populated with mighty cedars,

Who provide a dry shelter
For those upon the ground
Who call the moist soil their home;

Wake me softly with your rain,
And make me speechless
To see that my calming vision
No longer is a wild fantasy
That I could only see within my mind.
Kyle Mouat Jan 20
They walk as the rain pours,
As if God was dumping a
Bucket of water on their heads;
But they continue to talk,
As if nothing is happening;

The air was so cold that
They could see their breath
Clearly in front of them
As if it were smoke

The sun did not
Shine, Which made
The environment grey
But they didn't care

For he makes dumb jokes
In hopes that she smiles,
To bring them both joy

As if they were children but,
They stop and she says goodbye;
And he walks away with

A smile on his face,
And he sings in the rain
On that cold dark winter day.
Kyle Mouat Jan 15
The fire lit is bright,
As a lamp within the abyss;
It ignites the contents
Of the wooden chamber;

Smoke slowly escapes the contraption,
Designed to guide its flow;
Into the bags of flesh
That only fresh air have called home;

It swirls inside with no escape
Before it is slowly & gently removed;
Smoke now escapes into the air,
Dispersing, never to be seen again;

Inside the little fire dies
Leaving behind a pile of ash;
Fresh air is again acquainted
Into the passage of which air flows;

The taste that is left behind
Is a burning that cannot be quenched;
Calmness now sweeps over
Bringing a cool feeling;

Thoughts were much clearer
Than the mist that was once breathed;
Now they are scattered,
Similar to the smoke that had left;

Fearing that this feeling is but a dream
and praying that it will last;
But no sadness shall be felt
When the pipe is no longer lit;
For all things must conclude
And the briefness of existence celebrated.
Kyle Mouat Nov 2021
Will you remember me,
When tomorrow comes?
After the moon has faded,
And the stars have gone out?

Will you look back,
Upon the times we had together?
When we walked for hours,
Talking to pass the time?

Will you remember me,
For who I was back then?
And not what I've become
In the time we've been apart?

Would you chase after me
When I have lost my way?
And attempt to comfort me
When I stumble and fall?

Will you remember
The feeling we had shared?
When we had no care
And all the time we had?

Will you remember
How you shine brighter than me?
And how you always guided me
Through the darkest of days

When tomorrow comes
And I'm no longer here,
Will you remember
The good times we had?

I will always remember
The time when I saw wonders;
When stars reflected in the oceans
And the sun burned behind the mountains,
And yet all I could think about was you.
Kyle Mouat Feb 2021
A belly full of tasteful food,
With a tankard filled with good drink,
As well as the smell of sweet tobacco
Is calming to the mind of any man;

A fire with a kind flame,
A book filled with adventure,
As friends tell cheerful tales
Can fill his life with enjoyment;

The cool wind upon his back,
The fresh air entering the lungs,
As the rain falls from up high
Offers a relaxed feeling for most;

The sound of calm streams
As well as the mighty rivers,
And the sight of the forests
Is enough to bring a man's soul peace;

The green leaves that are on the trees
That grow to tremendous heights,
With roots deep within the skin of earth
Brings much amazement and wonder;

When the sun has fully sunk
A sky full of stars is revealed
With a moon that shines bright
Brings tears to the eyes;

Home is where the heart is
And mine is within the mountains,
For having experienced their beauty
I pity any man who's never seen them.
Kyle Mouat Feb 2021
I walked down the corridor of life with everyone,
When I found myself with no energy left;
I collapsed on the spot with great fear,
Unable to move and stared in horror
As everyone kept on moving;

I couldn't scream out for help
For I was completely paralyzed;
Calling out wouldn't have done any good
For everyone continued to walk over me
Pretending that I wasn't in need of help

They turned their heads away
And I stayed there until everyone was gone;
All of the lights have now gone out,
Leaving me alone with my thoughts,
Wondering what I had done wrong.
Kyle Mouat Dec 2020
I sat alone in the dark
Beside a cold damp road.
I sat feeling sad and unwanted
By those who passed me by.

Some people with lanterns would walk by,  
They would say “Wait for God, For he is coming!”;
“He is the light and he loves you no matter what!”
So I waited with much excitement for
The being that will bring me hope and life.

But the years start to pass and
Still God had not shown up;
And every day I kept hearing that
He is going to arrive soon.

I kept on waiting and eventually, I was filled with some doubt
And those who saw me screamed at my thoughts,
They then started to question whether or not I was one of them;
Which now makes me question his arrival even more,
For if God is loving and kind
He would not have such violent believers
Speaking to me on his behalf.

While some people yell at me
Others would sit beside me and discuss who
God is and what he can do for me.
They told me that he would come by and give me a lantern
And then I would be able to walk alongside him.
They made me feel like my waiting will not be in vain
And that I will not have to wait for him alone.

But then they would leave without warning and
They would take the source of light and
Thus I was again in the darkness of life.
Feeling betrayed and once more unloved.

Those who were supposed to guide me
And keep me believing and waiting
Abandoned me in in black abyss, with
No source of light to keep me warm and comforted.

Now others started to pass by me,
They carry not a lantern but a torch instead;
They tell me “Do not wait for one who does not exist”;
“Ignore those who carry lanterns and create your own light,
Then stand up and walk your own path.”

Now I felt conflicted and I didn't know who to believe,
It caused me to think long and hard about who was right;
One day while I sat there pondering, another
Person carrying a lantern walked by me.
She did not see that I was broken from thinking
For I had masked the pain in the darkness that surrounded me;

I made her laugh and she made me feel alive
But she started to leave me behind;
I begged her not to go and not to leave me behind;
“Let me walk beside you. So that way I do not feel alone.”
She stared at me with a blank look in her eyes,
And without hesitation, she said, “Wait for God, For he is coming!”;
“He is the light and he loves you no matter what!”

I explained to her that all I had done was wait
And for years God had yet to show up.
I tell her how alone I felt and how
The lack of companionship was killing me;
But she proceeded to again say “Wait for God, For he is coming!”;
“He is the light and he loves you no matter what!”

I scream at her that I needed help
And that I couldn't wait alone for him
Otherwise, I would be driven to madness
From staring into the empty blackness
Of this long wet road.
But she could not see or hear me
For I had masked myself in the darkness too well

Then with sadness, I let her go, for
I could see that she did not fully understand my situation
And she would not be able to help me even if she did;
So again I sat down waiting for the one who
Would bring me light and warmth.

Now I know why God had not shown up;
He is punishing me for doubting him;
He makes me wish to have a companion
And yet he prevents me from having one.
I now lie down on the cold wet cement
Wishing that death will walk on by;
Thus ending my loneliness
And this pain of being alive;

But until that day comes,
I will lie here and wait
And even though there is doubt in my heart
I will choose to believe that
God is coming.
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